Crew Expendable


To get things started, this Rp thread is about the different teams of PMU, hanging out, battling, and most importantly, doing missions. You can play as yourself, (which also means you can be whatever pokemon you wish to be), fan characters, and all that. So, Knock yourself out!

I’ll start.

Maikeru, a shiny Zangoose, is walking through Poketown to the Kecleon shop.

[Moves: Crush Claw, Razor Wind, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball]


OOC: Cool! I might as well get started and introduce my character into teh mix XD

“Ahhh! What a beautiful day!” said a treeko who was lounging next to the kelceon shop. “I love just sitting here, staring at the sky…” Fangorn took a look around him. Everything seemed peaceful just like any other day, all the pokemon in town waking up for each of their individual duties. He noticed the shiny zangoose walking nearby, but then just looked up into the sky again.

[Moves= Mega Drain, Pound, Bullet Seed, Quick Attack]


Michael: “Hm?” He notices the Treecko.

Michael: “Oh, hello.” He turns his attention back on walking to the shop.


Fangorn didn’t hear what the other pokemon was saying, for he was deep in thought. Every morning he did this, sit next to the Kelceon Shop and stare at the sky. He thought about his life, his old friends, and about places he wanted to go to. But most of all, the sky reminded him of one great friend who had literally stood by him untill the end. He remembered it clearly.

They were trapped by a large mob of wild pokemon during one of their visits to Mt.Barricade. His friend threw himself into the mob, and yelled for Fangorn to run for his life. He didn’t know why he ran, he just had to get out of there alive. He ran away as fast as he could all the way back to Poketown to get help, and when he returned with a couple other pokemon to try and save his friend, it was too late. From then on, Fangorn always wore the necklace that used to belong to his friend. A small tear could be seen running down the Treeko’s face as he looked into the sky.


After Michael was done shopping, he turned his gaze back on the Treecko, wondering what he was thinking. But he kept quiet and sat down in a patch of grass, closed his eyes, and rested.


OOC: I wonder if anyone else would want to join this RP?

Finally turning his gaze from the sky, Fangorn noticed that the Zangoose had sat down on a patch of grass near him. He wasn’t one to talk, but the Zangoose intrigued him. He decided he should get to know the Pokemon a little, because other than looking at the sky all day, he really had nothing else to do.

“Umm… Hello. My name’s Fangorn.” he said a little shyly. He didn’t know how the other Pokemon would respond or whether it would even care. Nevertheless, he continued, “What’s your name?”


Hearing this, Michael opened his eyes and looked at the Treecko. He adjusted the goggles on his neck and replied “My name’s Michael. I’m curious about you too. Who are you?”


“My name’s Fangorn. I live near here.” He was suprised Michael even responded. He noticed the goggles around the Zangoose’s neck. “Where did you get those?”


“One of my friends gave it to me as a present… I now use it in harsh conditions like sandstorms and blizzards.” Michael was deep in thought after he said that, thinking of what ever happened to his friend. He held the goggles tight in his hand.


while Micheal and fangorn were talking gible appeared and introduced himself his my name is danny what r your names?


[dannys attacks r dragon breath tackle outrage and dig]


He looked over at the Gible. “My name’s Michael, of Team Revolution.”


“I see” said Fangorn, and he thought about his lost friend from all those years ago. His thoughts were interuppted when the Gible came over and introduced himself as Danny. “Oh, hello Danny. My name’s Fangorn. Glad to meet you.” And when he heard Michael’s introduction, he became curious. He had heard about Team Revolution, but never really met any of their members. Turning to Michael, he asked, “You’re a member of Team Revolution?”


Danny said,"I heard team revolution is a great team with an awsome leader.So he said how do u join Team Revolution?Cause i want to be a great pokemon like Capazzkicker! :mrgreen:


Michael closed his eyes and smirked out of pride, and then said, “Well, this is the story. I met Capazz a while ago just once. We said hi, and chatted for a bit. But then, after the next two days, I was on my way to my house. I crossed the Revolution base, and Capazz and his teammates were arguing and fighting about something against Teams Otaku and Water. Then they saw me at the same time. Both of them immediately asked me to help them. I chose Team Revolution, because I met Capazz first.” (True story)

He lifted up his left arm. It had a blue band with a yellow R for Team Revolution on it. “I made this just to let other Pokemon know which team I’m on.” He lifted up his hand and tapped his finger on his chin slowly. “I can probably hook you up with him…”


Danny said.“so how should join try to meet with capazz?”


“I can show you to him… But he could be busy.” Michael gave an embarrassed look.


Fangorn was amazed by Michael’s story. “What a way to join a team huh?” he laughed. “And sorry I’ll have to decline joining. Don’t get me wrong… I like to adventure, but I’m not one to get involved with Team matters.”

In fact, members of team revolution helped him when he went back to save his lost friend. He had a very good outlook on these organizations called Teams, but he would rather not get involved in something he thought wasn’t really necessary.


“I understand.” He smiled and then got up. “Ok, I got a mission in Sour root cave. I’ll see both of you later.” He slinged a brown back pack on himself, and turned towards the direction of the crossroads.


Sourroot cave… Fangorn had been there before. When Michael mentioned it and started down the path, he smiled and waved. “Ok, see you later Michael!” Although that was not exactly what he planned…

When the Zangoose was a fair enough distance away, he decided to follow him. Fangorn had confidence in his stealth, for he used it to get out of many sticky situations before. Walking towards the housing district pretending to be heading home, he left Danny’s sight. Then, quickly changing direction and staying low in the tall grass so nobody could see him, he followed Michael to Sourroot cave. His green skin makes him nearly invisible to anyone not looking for him.