Favorite pokemon generation.


Mine is jhoto the generation that introduced shinies and a female player,not to mention umbreon and espeon they rock :D


Second Gen, no doubt about it. If you ask me, the 2nd gen Pokemon are MUCH more creative, and it introduced new types! :D
It also has Espeon and the Cyndaquil line. :3


is first to say third~ I really liked the third one. It always gave me a feeling that the others didn’t. lol, I can’t explain, but I NEVER got tired of playing it! It also introduced Zangoose and Flygon~ =3


I like third gen as well. It has some of my favorite Pokémon and Secret Bases, and I really like what they did with the Bike, too. Sure, it was annoying to have to switch every once in a while, but it was fun playing around with both Bikes.


They introduced shinies (i caught my first shiny in this generation too) and introduced Togepi and Pichu (i LOVE them)
Well… oh! And the mystery of the Unown.
Bye 4 now!


Second too best game in my opinion i hated 3rd… for some reason 2nd was one of the longer ones u could go to kanto too best one by far


My favorite would be the 2nd gen. :D


2nd one for Celebi of course.
Although I liked the 3rd generation for Gardevoir too.


The order in which I like them are:
First Gen: You need a helluva good base to keep the series going
Fourth Gen: Although hated by many, many of my favourite Pokemon are the 4th Gens.
Second Gen: Very good, but overhyped with the lousy Kanto that wasn’t even completed.
Third Gen: I never really played them.


Second… They had kingdra; all the types were introduced and its cool.
TBH I don’t like the 4th gen games as they are slow (walking) but they’re pokemon arent that bad


Well I liked 2nd the best, 1st would come next, and 3rd would be last, but interestingly my 2 fave pokes are from 1st and 3rd. (Dragonite and Salamence)


I really liked the second generation for its many new features, although I like the way the 4th generation game gave some very fair representation for everything (lots of new bug and ghost type moves, lots of new ghost pokemon, and an overworld where you could find all your favorites from the earlier generations too ^^). Generation 3 didn’t garner much of my appreciation initially, until I read about all of the data structure overhauls that went on “under the hood” for that game.

I don’t know what to make of the first gen. XP


2nd. After that I seemed to see a lot of repeats in the pokemon. 2nd had unique just like the first, I loved the day and night system, as well as the special pokeballs from the berries.


I guess it really depends on what it is (games, anime, the pokemon themselves)…
But I really have to say the very first generation, when it all comes down to it. It was the first 150 pokemon that came out in elementary school, when Pokemon was the big thing…it was popular and everyone loved it. XDD

But that’s besides the point - popularity would never bring me to like or dislike anything. ^^;

First off, I like the 1st gen because…my two favourite pokemon are in it (that being growlithe and meowth). Plus, that’s when eevee was introduced and if it weren’t for eevee, leafeon would exist neither, and he’s my third fav. :3
Second, the anime PWNED. It was most honestly the best show on the telly. The jokes - though corny - were funny, Ash died and got hurt more, and the members of Team Rocket were more than just plot devices…and, hey, they were the classics! I was able to watch up to Hoenn whilst enjoying it, but when the show got turned over to CN, it started becoming harder and harder to watch… :c
Third…well, I have to say the one thing that I don’t like as much with the 1st gen were the games. The Mystery Dungeon saga was my best videogame experience (besides SSBB ^^;) and that came during the 3rd, I believe. Plus, D/P had so many more choices for pokemon and moves. Colloseum and XD…totally rocked, too.


2nd generation a.k.a. Jhoto was my favroite. Day/Night was introduced, Wandering introduced, Shinies introduced. Battle tower was in Crystal. the Unknown. Holding items. they really put a bunch of good stuff in there. Also, it is the only one that had 2 regions available. They added 2 new HM’s. I could go on for a while about stuff they added. :D


this si old but, if i had to choose it would be the first gen,don’t forget wat started it all, ya know Ash meettin PIKACHU and Ash meettin Mysty and brock the original helper besides Tracy,May,May’s bro,and dawn
besides remeber the battle between Gary’s BLASTOISE and Ash’s CHARISARD wich were the original starters
yep thats where it started it all!


The first two were the best.

The third and fourth make me want to cry. Kanto brings back many memories, and Johto introduced new types, and creative pokemon that add onto Kantos awesomeness. Hoenn and Sinnoh just drag Kanto and Johto down horribly.


I would have to say the 2nd gen, because like some of you already said: it’s unique.

The 2nd gen was absolutely the best upgrade to the Pokemon series in its entire history in my opinion, and the saga introduced had to be the best for it’s time. I appreciate their efforts for the series, but I think that after the 2nd gen, they started running out of very many really good ideas.


3RD Geneeration ROCKS!!! I finished PKMN Sapphire x1, Ruby x3, and Emerald x4, so 8 times i finished this series and IM STILL NOT BORED. 1st, 2nd and 4th bored me in 3 mins.


I like 1st and 2nd gen, 1st gen for Charizard and Growlithe and 2nd gen for Umbreon, and Chikorita =P