Forum Game - Be As Unhelpful as Possible

This is a semi-popular forum game that I thought would be fun to bring to PMU.

Basically, the premise is that user 1 must express a problem they’re having / could theoretically have. Then, player 2 must give the worst advice they can think of to solve said problem, then post their own.

For example:

A: I’m having some financial issues. I can’t seem to make enough money.

B: My advice is to go searching for cash on the sidewalk. The amount people drop is enough to make anyone rich!

I’m having trouble catching Giratina in Pokemon Platinum.

C: Heal Balls have the best catch rate in the game. Try spamming those. Avoid Ultra, Dusk, and Timer Balls as you’ll never successfully catch it in one of those.

I’ll start

I’m struggling with grinding my Magikarp to level 100. Any tips?

stop training It

My back hurts : (

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hurt it back

How do you be motivated at literally anything


Try to gain zero motivation to do anything. That way, you’ll be equally motivated for everything.

How do I get my grandmother to bake me cookies? She doesn’t want to >:(

Bake the cookies for your Grandma!

How can I get hidden abilities on my Pokémon in Mystery Dungeon DX? I really hate being stuck with cute charm on my Sylveon.

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Try hacking your game. I can’t give you instructions on how to do so, but if you figure it out, you’ll get that hidden ability Sylveon in no time.

Anyone have advice on what gift I should get my brother for Christmas?

coal / soaks

how do i quit my job?

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Get yourself fired!

How do I stop my cousin from hating Garbodor?

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First off, you must lobotomize him. Then carefully remove his brain. As soon as that is done, you must approach one of your Garbodor-loving friends and ask them to give up their own brain. As soon as that is done, you can plant this new brain in your cousin’s head. They’ll now like Garbodor.

How do I get better at math?

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you don’t. you just memorize a^2+b^2=c^2 for absolutely no reason.

how can i get better at mobile games?

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play them on pc :>

How do i learn to draw finally :sadmimi: ?


Get a piece of paper and scribble on it.

How do I stop pay-to-win games from existing?

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give them so much money they burst!

How do i start mapping my fall pmu house :>

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Apply a sepia filter to your computer. Your house will look magnificant!

I need advice on how to manage item/supply/free space in my inventory.

Throw everything away, de-cluttering is good for your health! You’ll have all the inventory space you could ever need.

My computer has a virus. What should I do?


Get another computer virus to make them fight for control over the computer.

How do I study for an exam effectively?

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Read it all last minute walking to the exam so it’s fresh in your mind

How do i finally catch a shiny?

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just spam tanren chambers and ignore every egg u get.

How do I actually write papers faster?

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Drink some Red Bull!

How do I get better at Italian?

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