GoomyZ's Maps of slimy...sticky....stuff.

Forbidden SnowMountain

SnowPeak City

Random Park thingy

Between Two Realms

Darkened Sky Realm

Bloody Sky Realm

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I could be wrong here but I see nothing but the word “image” refreshing does’nt help, make sure that the source isnt private O:

Thanks Charika!! I think I fixed it. When I clicked on the letters “Image” its popped up so it should be good.

The links are broken for me too. :/

What website are you using to upload the pics, Goomy? Make sure you add only the direct links between the code.

Oh you’re using a thumb code, you need to use an image code AND the direct link, the links you used aren’t direct. Now, I’m not sure on how Imgur works, but I just did right click on the pics you added and then select “Get direct link” or “open in a new tab”.

Here, fixed.

Copy the text under code and replace it on your main post to fix it :)

Forbidden SnowMountain



SnowPeak City



Random Park thingy



Between Two Realms



Btw, I love your mapping style :D I wish I could be so creative!

Thank you Coki!!! I’m really bad at posting screenshots it seems @-@

No, it’s until you get used to it! Actually, i find Imgur quite difficult to understand. I use, and whenever I upload something I choose the link that says “direct link” and paste it between some brackets.

If you need any help uploading pics, let me know!

These maps look great! I especially love the first one. Keep up the great work, Goomy! :la:

Thank you guys!!! I really love mapping x3

Here’s another one I made on my alt (Goomeh_Storage)

Here’s the same map but with a red sky theme and a lil bit of changes.

I have another map!! This time it’s called Goomy’s Swamp!! Shout out to Scizzy because I got a lil bit confused with the dungeon tiles xP

Goomy’s Swamp

Btw it looks WAY better when walking through the house.

OOH! This looks so cool, Goomy! This might be my favorite house that you’ve made thus far!

Not sure if you were around for Hayarotle, he was a former Developer, but he created a swamp map ages ago as well. Brings back memories.~

Some things that I would personally do is bring some trees and some of the red rafflesias down off the wall. That way when exploring the house, you get more of an “exploring feel” if that makes sense? I always feel that when you are running around, and the fringe interacts with the player’s vision, it makes the map seem more … real?
I think I explained that poorly, haha.

I also like how you’ve created areas to rest and hang out in your houses, I always feel like that’s important! ^-^

Awesome job, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Wow that map looks like it’s the habitat for Muk :oooo
I think I understood what you meant. You mean put the trees on the ground so when people explore it would be more like a swamp-jungle type feel?
Well I’m glad I could bring some memories back!!! Shout out to Scizivire for helping me out with the tiles :)


Burning Fighting Spirit (not done)

Just something I made when I was bored. Can be found in GoomyX’s house

You map nice Gummy

dang Goomy this is some amazing work!

i can literally see you progressing and getting better with each map that you post on this thread! 0:

I’m not too much of a mapper but these maps are purely enjoyable to look at! i would like to see how you implement multiple (or even contrasting) themes in the same map, it might be an interesting challenge.

keep up the awesome mapping! 8D

Goomy these maps are really well done, good job! ;) :D

Thanks guys!! Challenge accepted, festivo >:]

Here’s my new house!!! I call it:


Special thanks to Festivo for giving me the idea to combine Fire or lava and Water to make a Volcanic island!! Do I win the challenge? :D Where’s my prize? ;3

OH MY GODNESS, Goomy :o.ol: How in the world do you map so fast?! The final outcome is amazing, I love it!!

wow awesome map goomy

I can make you a pikachu if you want with baton pass as prize :P

What about you make the lake as its burning?! Then maybe you will get a prize :'D