Imagine your favorite character... [Drabbles!]

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Drabble for now:
[spoilerimagine your favorite character noticing you’re sad, then cheering you up with balloon helium.:91l4lnxa]You sat on the couch, glaring at the floor. They did it again. They stole your sketchbook and told the whole school about what kind of weird stuff you draw.

You sighed. At least [favorite character]’s coming over today.

You heard a knock on the door. You lightened up a bit and open it, revealing [favorite character] holding an airless balloon. “Hi, [name],” they say, their voice unbelievably high-pitched, as if they just breathed in balloon helium.

Immediately, you burst out laughing. “[f-favorite character], what the heck?!” you say in-between laughter, trying to calm yourself down. “Your voice…”

“I knew you were having a bad day because of them, so I tried to cheer you up.” Another fit of giggles from you.

“…Thanks,” you said after you finally calmed down.

Sometimes, you really appreciated having [favorite character] as your best friend.~





Warnings: fluff, protectiveness, comfort (maybe)
[spoilerImagine your favorite character hearing that you got bullied, then breaking the kitchen table in frustration while yelling “Lemme at ‘em!”:2a8illdk]“…They did it again.”

“Who? The jerks?”

You shifted uncomfortably at the tone of [favorite character]’s voice, then said, “Yes.”

[favorite character] stayed silent for a moment, before slamming both of their hands on the table, nearly breaking it in half, though they did manage to make a crack in it. “LEMME AT ‘EM!”

“[f-favorite character]! Calm down!” you shouted, trying to calm them down.

[favorite character] stood still for a moment, then sighed and sat down. “I’m sorry, [name]. I shouldn’t have done that…”

You sighed. “It’s okay, [favorite character]. It’s awesome that you want to beat them up, but just don’t break the table.”

Both of you laughed.


Lol! Worth killing the time. Write moar :U


Warnings: friendliness, silliness, and COOKIES.
[spoilerImagine your favorite character “helping” you make cookies by eating most of the dough:ofa9bjiw]“…[favorite character]. Stop eating the dough.”

“But they’re too delicious, [name]!”

You rolled your eyes and pulled the bowl of dough away from [favorite character]. “No more dough.”

“[naaaaaame]!” they whined, pouting. “I was hungry!”

“Nope. No more cookie dough.”

…Well, being [favorite character]’s best friends had its downs too.



too short




Warnings: fluffiness, cuteness, BOOP
[spoilerImagine your favorite character gently poking your nose and going “boop”:3u0h6m09]You were reading a book, with [favorite character] beside you. “…”

Suddenly, you [favorite character] raised their hand and gently poked your nose. “Boop.”

You stayed silent for a moment, before bursting into laughter. “Oh my god, [favorite character], why do you always make me laugh? Also, why did you do that?”

They shrugged. “I was bored.”


4 drabbles in one day


Warnings: fluff, slenderman
[spoilerImagine your favorite character playing Slender, and when they get caught by Slender Man they scream like a little girl:29mhdcea]You watched silently as [favorite character] was playing Slender. You didn’t even know why, but they’re playing it.

You looked around the room, getting bored of just watching them walk around the forest.

Then you heard them scream. “[NAAAAAAAAAAME]!” they shouted, jumping off the computer and tackling you into a hug.

You looked at the screen, seeing the static and Slenderman’s face. You giggled. “It’s just a game, [favorite character].”


5 drabbles in one day help

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Warnings: tragedy, fluff, favorite character caring for you, feels
[spoilerImagine your favourite character never leaving your bedside while you’re in a coma:2e7q6wgu]Their hand gently held yours as you lay on the bed, never moving, never waking up.

They sighed. You’ve been in a coma for days now; maybe even weeks. Yet they never left your side.

“…It’s okay, [name]. You’ll wake up soon.” They squeezed your hand. “I promise.”

You didn’t reply. You never replied nowadays.

[favorite character] wiped a bit of their tears away. “You’ll wake up soon.”

“I’ll be with you every step of the way.”




Lila you are so amazing you make me squee when I put my favorite character’s name into the slots >u< good job

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Warnings: favorite character singing, friendship, Disney songs
[spoilerImagine your favorite character belting Disney songs to you:2nms7we5]“A WORLD WITHOUT FENCEEEEEEES~ WHERE I CAN RUN FREEEEEEE~” [favorite character] sang loudly. They were obviously singing Disney songs, since you remembered that song from Lady and the Tramp 2.

“[favorite character]! Not too loud!” you shouted.

“SON OF MAN LOOK TO THE SKY~ LIFT YOUR SPIRITS, SET IT FREE~” they sang back, changing songs.

“[favorite character], quiet down or so help me I will barrage you with water balloons tomorrow!”


…What? You blushed hearing the next song, but sighed and tried to just ignore them. Maybe they’ll quiet down that way.

Still, you couldn’t get why they sang the last song.






Warnings: friendship, water balloons
[spoilerImagine you and your favorite character having a water balloon fight:3fkoxdft]You laughed victoriously as you successfully hit [favorite character] on the back with a water balloon, but then ducked when they threw one back. Both of you were soaked from the water balloon fight, but you still kept going.

You had decided to hide behind a tree. Yes, behind a tree.

You dodged a water balloon as you threw one, nearly hitting [favorite character].

Unfortunately, you were wasting your water balloons too much, since you only had one left. Looks like [favorite character] had one left too, and they were about to throw it.

You smirked and threw the last waterballoon at the same time they threw theirs. Both water balloons collided with the person they were supposed to hit.

You and [favorite character] stood still for a moment, before bursting into laughter. You ran up to them and high-fived them, grinning.

“We need to do this again sometime.”



Warnings: british accents, being complimented by favorite character, fluff
[spoilerImagine your favorite character giving you compliments in a british accent:3qkdxn00]“Hi, [favorite character]!” you greeted, running up to them.

“My, you look splendid today, love~” they replied.


“Uh, [favorite character]… What—”

“Oh, nice hairstyle!” they said in… a… British accent…?

“[favorite character], since when did you—”

“I’m feeling quite peckish today. Should we go get some food, love?”

“[favorite character], you’re scaring me—” You didn’t even finish your sentence when they already dragged you towards a restaurant.

You’re going to eat scones for breakfast.


//fails at british accents

10th drabble.

I have reached the goal.

Warnings: fluff. so. much. fluff.
[spoilerImagine enjoying a mug of hot cocoa by the fire with your favorite character:2h02ho1l]You took a sip from the mug of hot cocoa, enjoying the taste. There was a blanket over both you and [favorite character], since it was freezing cold outside.

Besides, being in front of a fireplace, drinking hot cocoa, while being covered with a blanket was pretty relaxing. The only thing was that you were pressed against [favorite character], which made you blush a bit, but that didn’t matter.

Both of you said nothing, simply enjoying the warmth and each other’s presence. As long as both of you were there, you wouldn’t worry.

You took another sip from the mug, enjoying the sounds of the crackling fire.

You hoped this moment would never end.





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Rira, Train does not do British. But I squee so much with these scenarios~

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Warnings: video games, SSBB, friendship
[spoilerImagine you and your favorite character playing SSBB, but then favorite character waves their hand in front of your face to make you lose:22ykc5r0]You furiously mashed the buttons on the controller, trying to beat [favorite character]. You were winning so far; victory was on your way.

Until a hand waved in front of your face, causing you to jump backwards and let go of the controller, letting [favorite character] get the upper hand and win.

“NO FAIR!” you complained, laughing a bit.

[favorite character] just smirked and said, “I had to.”


Warning: angst, amnesia
[spoilerImagine your favorite character getting amnesia:39k5rruy]The past few days had been painful, sitting in uncomfortable chairs in the waiting room, anxious for any news from [favorite character]. Since [favorite character] had no known family, information was given to you about their current condition. After all that agonizing waiting, they told you could finally visit [favorite character].

You anxiously entered the room with a smile. “Hi, [favorite character].”

“Who are you?” they asked, confusion clouding their eyes.

Your heart sank. “I-It’s me, [name]…”

“Who are you?” they asked again, a bit panicked.

“It’s me… don’t you remember?” you asked, reaching out to grab their hand.

They pull away, inflicting more pain on your heart. “I don’t remember you.”

You found it hard to breath, trying to regain your composure. “It’s me, it’s me!” you cried. “I was the one who found you after you hit your head! I-I’m your best friend…!”

“I don’t know who you are,” they told you. They looked up at the ceiling. “Who am I?” Their voice quivered with fear. “Where am I? What’s happening?”

A nurse entered the room. “Hey, I’m just making sure everything’s alright.”

You bit your lip. “[He/She] doesn’t remember me.”

“Oh no…” The nurse looked at [favorite character], then at you. “I’ll be right back.”


When the nurse comes back, you hear the dreaded sentence come from the doctor’s mouth: [favorite character] had amnesia for an indefinite amount of time. You tried not to fall to pieces as you thought of the memories you shared with [favorite character], all of them possibly gone from their mind. But you did your best to keep calm as you entered their room, holding a bag. “Hello,” you greeted.

They look at you. “The nurses say I’m your friend. But I can’t remember you.”

“I know you can’t remember,” you say, sighing, “so I brought some things.”

So then you laid out books, movies, and pictures, explaining to [favorite character] what each of them meant and what memory it told.

The last picture was of both you and [favorite character], standing next to each other, just smiling for the camera. “And this was the first picture of both of us together,” you said, choking back tears.

It was silent in the room. [favorite character] reached out to grab the picture, staring at it. “I can’t remember,” they said, “What’s wrong with me…?”

“You fell,” you sighed. “You were hanging something up, then you fell. When I found you, you weren’t moving.” You attempted to smile, but failed. “All that matters is that you’re alright.”

“But I’m not,” their voice cracked. “I can’t remember anything.”

You bit your lip and gave [favorite character] a small hug. “You will,” you whispered, “I promise.”


i actually cried while writing this


also longest drabble! yay

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10 Drabbles …YOU WIN THE INTERNET Thats very nice

British accent part:
“You’re going to eat scones for breakfast.”

Plus the Amnesia part:
“Who are you?”
I actually read that in the voice of kumajiro ahahah

Welp im waiting to see more 8D And maybe have a looooot of feels 8’D

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Warnings: a bit of violence, fluff, protectiveness
[spoilerImagine being held back as you helplessly watch your favorite character get beat up by thugs:b16s8zrx]“[FAVORITE CHARACTER!]” you desperately scream, trying to free yourself from the person holding you back.

Why? Why do this to them? They didn’t do anything wrong…! You finally managed to get free, quickly running to [favorite character] and hugging them, taking all the kicks to yourself. “[name]…” you heard [favorite character] whisper, a bit of blood dripping from their mouth.

You flinched, waiting for the kicks to stop. After a while, they finally did, and the group walked away.

You panted heavily. Your body was full of pain. “[f-favorite character], are you alright…?”

“I’m fine, but… you…”

“Don’t worry about me.” You managed to smile.


…ise you evil woman. //shot