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[spoiler``laggron.:1735ifhz]“Is it done?”

“Nearly. There’s only this little thing left that I need to do.”

Two figures were working on a small machine. A small machine that meant everything to keep the universe spinning. To keep this universe living.

A loud clang was heard, and a quick spark was seen in the dark little cave. Or room.

“…What did you do?”

“I don’t know. I just connected the wires, and—”

A loud roar sounded through the cave, and a huge creature very slowly trudged towards the two figures.

It didn’t matter whether the creature was slow or not. The two figures slowed down as well, so did everything that was around. Their talking slowed down. Their movements slowed down. Even the wind that occasionally blew in from the entrance slowed down.

There was another roar, this time much slower, making the ground shake.

Very, very slowly.

And, just like that, it disappeared. The creature disappeared, and everything went back to normal.

“What was that?”

“I don’t know…”

After that, the two immediately exited the cave, hoping to never run into that creature ever again.
Though to no avail. Someday, sometime, the slowness of the creature could be felt, though the creature never showed itself. Others say they witnessed it, in the shape of an Aggron.

The universe continued to have these storms. Storms of calmness, yet chaos. Storms of lag.

It was later on that this creature, causing lag in the shape of an Aggron…

…was dubbed “Laggron”, bringer of the slow chaos.


This is really amusing :U

[spoiler``mansions should be more straightforward.:7zxi9zib][right]Day XX
Month XX[/right]

I’ve finally found the town those other people were talking about. I heard it was cursed, but why would I believe that junk? Besides, this town is pretty awesome so far! Ha! Right now, I’m sitting on this table, writing this up. It’s pretty dark in this town. There’s a huge mansion up ahead. I heard this town’s abandoned, so why not explore? It’ll be fun! Heh!


[right]Day XX
Month XX[/right]

Aw man, the town’s loot so far is awesome! And that’s just the small huts! Wonder what’s inside the mansion. I bet it’s gonna be pretty cool.


“Oh… It’s been a while since we’ve had visitors. You see, the town’s lonely and dark, and there’s only me to give it some life. Unfortunately, all I can do is stand here; brew some soup, maybe. Why don’t you go into that mansion, dear? There’s a great treasure inside.”


[right]Day XX
Month XX[/right]

So, I’ve come into the mansion… I went in through the hallways, then found a dead end. Mansions should be more straightforward.
I heard someone laughing when I came in… maybe this town isn’t abandoned at all? I’m not sure.
The air feels so dense…


Pit… pat. Pit… pat.


[right]Day XX
Month XX[/right]

I heard someone walking through the mansion last night. I’m starting to have a bad feeling about this.
I found some kind of library in the mansion. I can hear pages of a book being turned; I can hear the sound of a pen writing on a blank sheet of paper; I can hear books being opened and closed. Yet there was nothing there. I can hear everything, yet see nothing. What is this place? Where am I?!


[right]Day XX
Month XX[/right]

I spend my nights in the mansion curled beside the corner of the dead end, behind a potted plant. I feel it is the safest place to be in the mansion. Every night I hear those footsteps, sometimes getting closer, sometimes far away.
I ran out of food today.
There was a kitchen near the library. When I enter, however, the knives were moving. What is this place? Is there some sort of curse in here?! I never knew the curse was true!
Maybe this is all my imagination…


The wind?


[right]Day XX
Month XX[/right]

There was a storm outside.
The wind scared me. Every howl, every gust, every gale, sent shivers down my spine.
In the midst of it all, I heard the footsteps.
I tried leaving the mansion today. The doors were shut tight. How can I leave? There aren’t any windows in the mansion! What’s happening?! The mansion trapped me? No! I don’t want this!


[right]Day XX
Month XX[/right]

I found a secret passage in the kitchen. I’m in the deeper part of the mansion now. Maybe there’s another place I can sleep in instead of that dead end.




[right]Day XX
Month XX[/right]

I found a garden outside.
It seems to be the only place where I can be protected from the madness inside…


“Did you see the adventurer out there?”
“Hhhhahhhh! Hhhhow foolish. Hh…”


[right]Day XX
Month XX[/right]

I heard a piano playing when I woke up. I followed the sound, but the more I got closer to the piano, the softer it played.
What’s wrong…?


[right]Day XX
Month XX[/right]

I found some kind of torture room… I feel like I’m getting closer to my goal…




[right]Day XX
Month XX[/right]

I’m in a bedroom… There are voices telling me to leave… But there are also voices that tell me to go on…
I go on… I find myself in a room… The knight statues are everywhere… I feel… sleepy… They’re watching me… There’s something… coming…


[right]Day XX
Month XX


there’s blood smeared on this page…



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So interesting ohmein, write moar drabbles :U
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i will~ <3

[spoiler``they changed my life.:3svliu7r]I’ve never really liked living in such a normal world. I’ve always wished living in fantasies, fighting dragons, having magical powers, and all that cool stuff.

Until I came across this anime called Hetalia.

At first, I just ignored it. But then I started watching it. It always made my day. Plus, the characters were lovable!~ Italy’s cuteness, Germany’s strictness, Japan’s personal space problems, America being the hero, England hating France, France trying to get England to marry him(okay, that sounded a bit creepy, but oh well), China’s problems with the European countries, and Russia constantly trying to make everyone become one with him.

In short, Hetalia was the best thing to have ever happened to me. Sometimes I would look at a world map and, even though they weren’t actually there, greet all the countries. I’d come home from a hard day in school and greet all the countries in the map, then I’d imagine them greeting me back.

In a nutshell, Hetalia changed my life. It made me happy and proud to live in this world. It made me learn and appreciate history. It made me a happier person(not that I was sad back then).

So, with all my heart,

thank you, Hetalia!


Wanted to write all my feels for Hetalia. //shot

tries to hug the comp RIIIIIRAAAAA!!! Dat HETALIA DABBLE! :D continues to try to hung the comp





[spoiler``for everyone who has a bad day so far…:dhj16rbw][i]Hm? [your name]? Why do you look so sad?

…What? A bad day? Aww, but I’m here to cheer you up, right? Come on, sing the pasta song with me! Pasta, pasta…~

…You’re still sad? But you’re smiling! Look! Haha~ Silly [your name]~ Anyways, can you tell me why you’ve had a bad day?


Ohhh. That happened… well, I’ll just give you a hug, then!

Aww~ You have the cutest laugh, [your name]~ Well, you seem cheered up now.~ Are you happy?


Well, I’ll be going now~ If you ever have a bad day, just come to me! I’ll cheer you up~[/i]


Italy tries to cheer you up. <3

…I can imagine Grell inserted into this. c: /killed


[spoiler``i’m sorry.:12tye6dp]It was a cold night outside. Nights in Eldur Mountain wasn’t exactly warm.

You sighed. It has been 3 years now… 3 years of living with these two dragons you called your best friends.

But even though they were your best friends, even though they were your companions as they helped you with everything, even though you trusted them and they trusted you… you felt it was time to finally reveal your true identity.

You walked over to the sleeping dragons. They looked so peaceful…

You shook your head. No. You aren’t going to stop now.

Your trembling hands held the knife. Your eyes began to water a little.

“I’m sorry…”

You brought the knife to both of them…

“…Lukas. Emil.”


[i]In a bustling, downtown marketplace, two dragon hides were being sold.

One was sapphire-scaled, one was a pale opal shade.[/i]



eyes turn crimson THEY’RE DEAD?! runs after Rira with electric chakrams




though this was kind of what i predicted lukas will die in the rp later. turns out it won’t work.

snarls I’ll forgive you…if you post in A World For Us All.

[spoiler``kagome, kagome.:2e8d62st]Fran sat on a gravestone, humming a sad yet dark melody. The fog in the graveyard can barely be seen through; the most you can see is five feet ahead unless you have a lantern or a flashlight with you. The full moon above was seen clearly, though, its light piercing the blanket of fog.

“Kagome, kagome…”

Fran heard footsteps from nearby. It was either the spirit of the dead or someone else. She didn’t mind someone walking in on her singing. Besides, she needed to finish singing this. Or they will get angry.

“The bird in the basket…
When, oh when will it come out?”

She heard something snap from nearby. No, this was not a spirit. Spirits were too quiet to make a sound. Someone was here.

“The crane and turtle slipped.
Who is it in front of behind?”

The wind howled loudly.


not related to the creepypasta. at all.