Make a wish and have it terribly CORRUPTED

Well this seems to be a very popular game in some other forums, so I hope it will be just as enjoyable here too.

Heres how it works…

The first post would be a wish, for example user 1 would wish for immortality, and the second person would “grant the wish” but add an evil and twisted side effect, or basically corrupt the wish ;D.

In this situation the user granting the wish could say something along the lines of…

“Wish granted! However, you get in a terrible accident and become paralyzed from the neck down!” D:

After granting and making a wish, you have to make a wish yourself to keep the game going!

I’m gonna start, I wish for a new Lap top!

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Wish granted, but over half the keys are missing.

I wish my school could get snowed in.

Granted, but you were in it at the time and now you can’t get out until the snow melts.

I wish there were more cherry-flavored cookies out there.

Granted, but then they became poisonous after you ate them, and you DIED! (Not really :roll: )

Well Kog, you auto fail for not making a wish…

anyways, I wish for a nice, juicy Burger :D

Granted, but your burger is poisonous (so violent)
I wish I made a wish on my last go

Granted, but your wish sucked and was easy to corrupt.

I wish every day had 25 hours instead of 24.

Granted, but then the time space continum asplodes
I wish I didn’t make a wish

Granted, but now you auto-fail for not making a wish again.

I wish they still sold Pepsi Blue in the US.

(OOC: In every forum I’ve been to, has this game. XD)
Granted, but the price is now 3,000$ every pint of soda. :3

I wish I were at a Hawaiian Resort.

Granted, but the place is overrun with zombies!

I wish nothing bad would ever happen to me.

Granted, but now nothing good ever happens to you either, and you’re left with a rather boring life.

I wish 2 + 2 would equal 5.

Granted but now you fail on your recent math test worth 1,000 points because you answered 4. :geek:

i wish this wish won’t be corrupted

Wish granted, but everyone hates you for killing a perfectly good thread.

I wish I could pass my classes with As while maintaining my social life. (Lol)

Granted, but nobody still likes you. :P

I wish I can afford good presents this Christmas. (I know it’s a long time away, but whatever! XD)

Wish Granted, but through the magic of corruption you suddenly become Jewish.
Don’t ask me.

I wish I coul dshoot fire from my nose.

Granted, but the first time you do it you lost control and burned to death.

I wish this thread makes it to 100 replies.

Granted, but now you have to keep making wishes that will soon be corrupted.

I wish I had a magical coin that only flipped heads.

granted, but in the future, you’ll forget and bet only on tails.

I wish I lived by a beach.

Granted, but a tsunami kills u and all ur family(wow, im so evil :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: )

I wish Pokémons were in our world.