Monster Houses

Monster Houses

Monster Houses have been added. These are scripted rooms and different from the typical ones you encounter in random dungeons.

Sometimes when you go to the next floor in a random dungeon it will turn into a Monster House! In a Monster House…

  • The floor will turn into a 10x10 room.
  • The amount of wild enemy Pokemon will be higher.
  • Pokemon will re-spawn quicker.
  • No traps.
  • You will earn twice as much EXP for each Pokemon defeated in a Monster House.
  • You will see the “It’s a Monster House!” notice and it will play the Monster House encounter music.

Monster Houses will not be seen on certain floors such as those with Kecleon Shops, Silk Rooms, Non-Trap Scripted Tiles (HT switches, TC doors) and etc.

Something interesting may happen if you use Sweet Scent in a Monster House…

Seafloor Ruins
Cryptic Chasm
Mysterious Jungle
Dragons Descent


Yay now we can get EXP!

i have a bad feeling about this XDDDDD

edit: using sweet scent has a REAAALLY nice surprise ^^

spoiler alert

using sweet scent has a chance of spawning zorua in the MH ^^

Edit: forgot to say that XD but thats an awesome work festivo keep it up ^^ and all the other staff too ^^

this is great. im going to love double exp XD

get your aoes ready guys

Get your Reviver seeds ready “It’s a Monster House!” Monster House music plays

I love it, Festi! Thank you for making this happen. Overall the system is great, a few bugs…like wall spawning, but I’m sure you’ll fix them!
Great work~

hey that’s pretty killer

DOUBLE EXP? :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

i wonder if anyone tried the sweetscent thing

Oh my, it seems really nice and fun! (and maybe horrifying xD)

Also, the double EXP is just lovely! Gotta help alot in training. x3

Awesome work, Festi!! :D

I like this new system, though i encountered a monster house in floor 20 or 40 SFR (i cant remember) and there was no hidden entrance so i had to escape. Other than that, good work !

Okay that should be fixed now, thanks for the report.

Additionally the issues reported related to spawn/warp have been fixed.

You will now no longer see Monster Houses in beginner dungeons (most of Exbel) and destination floors on which either you or any party member has a mission. The appearance rate has also been adjusted.


When you geta monster house on the first floor of a dungeon…

sorry guys but this gave a lot of easy 100s :sad:

Nerfed the exp rate from 2x -> 1.5x
you shouldn’t find any monster houses from 1f-5f now.
just generally nerfed spawn rates.

This is probably not final though. Please feel free to suggest more things, and thanks for your valued participation within PMU.

Take away the unfair 100s these guys got. If not you are supporting it and its not right

I agree with mico. I heard Goomy got 5 level 100’s in 3 days. And trans got like 6 or something like that. smh

It’s just unfair. Either remove those 100s or let more players riot on this.

Take away the time you spent. Lol you guys got 5-8 100s in 3 days that doesnt sound like much time was spent. You guys are shady you dont tell anyone how to do it but once we actually find out about you go and purposly publicize it and get it nerfed. Yes you should get it all taken away.

Kendel got 100s due to it as well. Also, DarkMatter did train with him a lot.

IMO, the levels should be docked since the method isn’t being supported.

Kendel did not get any 100s from this method, idk who told you that.

I don’t want to start an argument here, but since my name was mentioned I guess I’ll share my thoughts on this. Staff already made their decision on what they believe is right and there has been tons of game mechanics where players got unfair exp and the levels were not docked.

Take when Mt. Skylift released for example. That dungeon was giving more experience than intentionally given and no levels were docked so I side by the staff and agree not to dock levels here as well.