Oranguru + Passiman in Spectral Thicket

Hello PMU Gamers

As you may notice, there are still some Pokemon that are locked behind Eggs. From a collection perspective, it can be a bit tedious to obtain the Pokemon you want, especially if the Egg is not guaranteed to be the Pokemon you want. However, from a Shiny hunting perspective, the odds are ridiculously low to get the Shiny that you want. I’m not here to comment about the Egg Rates because I think they are fine. I want to comment on the obtainability of Pokemon that are currently still stuck in Eggs. There is another forum post on this in 2021 here. It obviously has improved over the years which is a great change, however, there is still a set of Pokemon that I would like to address.

As you may or may not be aware, Oranguru and Passiman are currently found in one place and one place only. In Archford Training Dojo, after floor 30, in Eggs only. Now it doesn’t seem too bad to just run the dungeon a couple of times and get a chance at one of the two monkeys, but that’s when you have to consider the dungeon mechanics.

Firstly, you can’t bring items so you may not be as fast or can’t bring supplies. A bit of a problem but you can live without it. The issue however is the fact you need a second player to get through the dungeon. Lastly, once you get to 31F, the egg pool consists of atleast 10 Pokemon that you can obtain, so its not even guaranteed to get one or the other. Overall this dungeon I’d say is poorly designed but thats another issue for another day.

As someone who would want an Oranguru or Passiman in general, for the sake of their sanity, I’d say it’s best to move them out of the dungeon. As the title suggests, a good home for both of them would be Spectral Thicket. Currently, Psychic Path and Ghost Path 41-60F have only 1 Recruit, in which they are both time-gated by Dawn/Day. So by adding the two monkeys on either side as any-time recruits would fill in those gaps. (They’re also in Tagtree Thicket in Scarlet/Violet as well so it’s almost perfect)

It also could have been an option in this years 2023 Anni HC as well due to there being two sides in the Underpass, although I would ideally like a permanent recruitment spot for them rather than a temporary one.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

I agree that the monkeys need moving or need an alternative home. It’s pretty much impossible to hunt them in Archford Training Dojo, given that there is a no item restriction and the fact you are required to co-op in order to obtain the eggs. I understand the need for varying obtainment methods when it comes to the Pokémon but these restrictions make them essentially un-huntable.

I don’t think that they both necessarily need to go into Spectral Thicket. SpTh is already inundated with recruits and I think that somewhere like Lush Archipelago would be better if they’re to stay together. It also fits lore wise with their main series locations. Maybe they could be ID spawns in this dungeon, to give further purpose to the ID system?

Either way, I think their location definitely needs reconsidering. It was suitable when shinies weren’t a staple in PMU but now they’re locked away behind an unrewarding and needlessly difficult hunt.


There have been quite a few improvements, but unfortunately not everything has gotten out yet. I feel like it’s taking a very long time, while there’s a lot of options open to put extra recruits. Even temporary is fine, as long as it’s not locked away.

I have to agree here. This is poorly designed, even without shinies being a thing. The dojo doesn’t feel like something that needs a partner system at all…

I would rather suggest to move them to lush archipelago, where they both fit. Oranguru may fit in psychic spectral thicket, but Passimian feels very out of place.

Hopefully this thread gets some attention and all the recruits will be freed some day.


Though I’m on the fence with adding more random mons in spth (psychic path 41-60 would greatly benefit from another psychic type, but passimian would be very random), I do agree that these mons have been trapped in the dojo as eggs for far too long now.

I like the lush archipelago shout since they’re both monkey adjacent, but wherever they ends up, they need to be an actual recruit.

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Free dem monkeys man.


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As much as I want oranguru and passiman to find a recruitable home, i don’t think spectral is a place for it.

First of all, this place has wayyy too much recruits. A total of 13 recruits? barring sfr, it’s one if not the dungeon with the most recruitable, and especially this is late game.

Add on, iirc, the reason why bewear is in there was that stufful was intented to be there, but removed due to too much recs.


With the departure of our beIoved seedIings from the staff team, i just want to reiterate how much i Iove (among a few others) any and aII of the “co-op” dungeons.
Most prominentIy: friendship forest, but aIso archford dojo, HT as weII as the Iarvesta secret room.

Perhaps removing passimian and orangaru from their excIusivity in this dungeon is for the best? But I personaIIy Iove that the coop dungeons exist, pIs don’t remove them staff <3

as a minor fix, simpIy remove the other recruits from the egg pooI. or simpIy add an end room with two eggs: a guaranteed passimian and orangaru (much Iike how Iarvesta is guaranteed)

as for the others who say archford has no business being a coop dungeon. I agree, but aIso, why is cubone dojo soIo onIy?

the dojos are chaIIenge dungeons. so it makes sense that friendship is being chaIIenged here xD

everyone hates on FF, but we aII secretIy Iove it. it’s not a probIem usuaIIy because you can get eevee in most HC’s and it’s not rare in the FF. But you don’t hear anyone asking for heIp in archford because it’s soooo much more random.
put the two apes in an HC or two. and remove the nonimportants from the archford dojo egg.

maybe we can add the two apes as part of the egg pooI in Iush archipeIago. Or stay with me, verdant bIuff? then it can be Iike
you can hunt for the apes (guaranteed) at archford dojo, OR
hunt it randomIy in the eggs at Iush argipeIago.

kinda Iike how it is for happiny with FF and mt moon
or minccino and CI, and mt moon