PMU Returns

Many members of the community have been waiting patiently for when we would give an update regarding the current state of our work, and when we plan to be done with the PMU8 server… Among other things, we also never “Fully” explained why the server went down in the first place, and why it has been down for such a long time. Hopefully this post will clear up the lack of recent updates regarding progress, and the lack of information regarding the downtime.

We thank those of you who continue to support us even in our extended downtime. Right now, we still want to take at least a month to continue our work on PMU8; although this is still just an estimation; however, the funds we have currently are more than enough to open up a Windows server without endangering our plans for the Linux server. What this means is that the server for PMU7 will be hosted and remain online until PMU8 is finished. The server is completely untouched from the last backups we have for the game. However, that brings us to another topic…

The reason the server went down in the first place was due to a terrible misunderstanding with our old server host while transferring information with our previous contact, Flare, who was retiring from the staff team at the time. Our previous host deleted our account, and the account that stored our server backups. We attempted to mitigate the damage to the game as much as possible, but we ended up losing a significant amount of content, as well as player data… This was the initial reason as to why the server was down; we needed to fix what was lost.

We want to make it perfectly clear that this was no ones fault, in any way whatsoever. This was a series of misunderstandings during a point of confusion; which lead to our host deleting our VPS, our backups, and anything else to do with PMU. The majority of the downtime was focused specifically on restoring all lost content and game assets.

Almost all of the content that was accessible has been restored, but some assets still need a bit more work/fine tuning… What we could not restore was the player data, sadly all player data has suffered a long term rollback, which was out of our control. We understand how frustrating this is for the players who have put so much time and effort into their accounts… We are starting a compensation event that will be going on for (to be determined time) to help players with their losses.

This compensation event includes the following:

  • 1.5x Exp Rates
  • 2x Recruitment Rates
  • 2x Explorer Points Rewarded for Missions
  • Halloween and Winter Holiday Cave
  • Eevee Egg Distribution
  • More as the event goes on

We want to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again in the future by doing daily automated backups. We will be storing our backups on Amazon, a secure and reliable hosting provider.

Once again, we apologize for the major downtime, the rollback, and the lack of information during this whole ordeal. We are taking what measures we can to ensure that this never happens again. Thank you all for being patient and supportive during these troubling times…

  • Pokemon Mystery Universe Development Team

Thanks for the explanation, Yatter. Though, is there a rough estimate on the rollback we’ll experience? Days? Weeks?

Great to finally get some good news.


I, for one, appreciate all of the hard work you’ve put into getting PMU back up. I initially speculated that PMU was dying, and doubted that it would ever come back up (until the Big Announcement, of course.) After PMU8 was announced, I refreshed the page every once and a while and was repeatedly disappointed with little new news. I regret the lack of information available on this incident, but what’s done is done; I just hope that if this ever happens again, information will be more freely available.

I, for one, will not be affected too much by the rollback. For one thing, I never put all that much effort into PMU. Also, I don’t have access to a computer of my own right now, so I literally can’t play the game or access the compensation event. However, I and likely many other players are curious: when exactly did the rollback reset to? Are we looking at a month or a year here?

It’s good that measures have been taken to stop this from happening again, and I am very happy to have PMU back. Thank you, and all of the rest of the developers, for toiling so hard on our behalf. Best of luck to you in your work on PMU8!

Sadly, even though PMU is back up this rollback has affected a lot of people, including me, and my account isn’t even here anymore. It’s completely gone, and this is infuriating. However, I’m not going to be complaining in all caps and crying, I’m going to suck it up and try to get back in the game. Even though all my stuff has been gone, and I think lag issues still remain, I’m going to retry PMU and just keep going.

Unfortunately, I think this rollback is going to be forever. This is my speculation, and since the mods didn’t recover the player data I think it’s going to be gone. It’s been reverted back to somewhere about spring 2012(I heard), and as such TC items are nonexistent as well as dungeons. We can hope that they can find a way to restore the player data, but for now I guess we have to enjoy the PMU we have right now.

Thank you Yatterman for the news. It’s great to hear the full explanation as to why the server is down and even if there is a large rollback. It’s at least good to know that the game will be back up. Since PMU has been down for so long. A rollback to me seems like nothing._.

Also, I have a question. Can you keep making those server error messages? To me it seems to be a good way to tell players that you are indeed, still alive and to deliver messages.

I am so glad that it is finally up !! Thanks to the staff for your hard work !! Was worth the wait !!

Thanks for bringing PMU back and whoever wants to train with me hook me up for some adventures cause sometimes I got nothing to do there besides sleeping and I hope my job doesn’t interfere with my freetime.

Thanks for your hard work staff!

I might have lost a lot but eh.

Hopefully I will still have my Hippopotas :]

haaaa~ well at least its finally back. and nobody can be blamed really since this is still a learning game and it sucks but what can you do? Dx

welcome home pmu, flaws n’ all.

Now I can have my life on a screen again :joy: :joy:

well thx staff for re-live pmu again XD…just back to ply i notice ts huge problem happen during me away from game for like 1 years…and my slacking is gone T.T… :cry: anyway gudluck for those for still ingame…

My entire account has gone. All the work I had put into it and all for nothing.
I guess this is also my leaving post because I wont be back after this. Goodbye PMU and all you wonderful people. You all made my experience in PMU so good. I will miss you all.

Bai <3

My acount was deleted to and so was alot of people . I mean i worked realy hard to get my first lvl 100 and i was so close too! But im not gonna quit because pmu is a super chil game that i can go on and have fun! Also there is double xp and im already lvl 30 so its not to bad. Things happen in games like pmu. Its all part of a procsess and you just got to fight through it.

Oh lord, first my acception into the federal police and now this.
Thanks for making PMU up again, I am so happy today.

That’s…a true pity, but I can’t stop you.
Farewell, I guess.

If the rollback really was all the way back to spring 2012, then my account is probably gone. I’ll just think of this as a fresh start, though. I’m not sure if I took a screenshot of my house or not, but if I didn’t, I can completely redesign it. I might do that either way, in fact.

Wow, I nearly lost nothing, I’m not even sure if anything at all is gone. While that makes me happy I also feel somewhat old right now :dot:

I didn’t loose a thing :) soo happy its back up, im still getting a glitch though when it says connecting to game server or whatever and just freezes, BUT STILL IM STILL HAPPY :D

i feel like having a party now pmu is back up. ^^ really glad for you all. i appreciate all of you helpful staff who helped! now the community is happy again and we can do our normal stuff despite the great losses that have been found.

Can only users who had an account before access the game? It’s still giving me an error upon start-up and closing the launcher. I only found out about the game during the server maintenance, so I didn’t have the chance to make an account.

So 2012 spring… Is that March April and May? If so then my gallade might be still the same, though I might have to check (once I get smarter and get a good report card) anyways, have fun with pmu guys, I shall return at a very old age and still in school ;D