Pokemon/Item Storage Sorting:

Hey everyone. Here is an idea i had, while looking through my filled item and Poke storage. I am not sure if anyone else suggested it, or even if it is already in-game. If it is i apologize. But, since i have not yet seen it. I just suggest it. Anyway. On with what i was trying to say.

1: Kangashkan Storage/Item Storage:

It works by adding an item to a free place. Now sure, it works great when you simply search for a name. Yet. For a hoarder/neat freak, like me. It just makes me spend hours in my storage, putting items in the right space. Diamonds next to Diamonds, TM’s next to TM’s, Revives next to Revives, Etc…Etc…

Now if we had a “Sort” button. People would not have to spend hours, just sorting their items. (If they are like me.) It could be sorted in 2 ways.

“Type”: Which is the above mentioned. Diamondd with Diamonds, TM’s with TM’s, Evolution Items, with Evolutuion Items. Etc…Etc…
“Name/Alphabet”: Which would order them by well…Alphabetical order…Not much to explain in this one really.

This could be done in an instant. Which in turn, makes it easier to find all the double items one has. Without having to type the name of every single one. Or search through every single storage page.

2: Chimecho Storage/Pokemon Storage:

This one is the more important of the two, for me at least…

It works mostly the same as the Kangashkan storage, only with pokemon. Now what i would suggest. Is making the pokemon be sorted in two ways too.

“Type”: Which would order them by their typing. A.K.A Fire with Fire, Water with Water, Ghost with Ghost. Etc…
“Evolution Line/Number”: This would order them like this. “Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur” first, then following the pokedex from there on out. Which means next would be Charmander+Evo, followed by Squirtle+Evo. etc…etc…

It could also be ordered by “Level”. Which needs no real explanation…Since, it just means either ordering them by “Highest” or “Lowest” level.

3: Pros&Cons:

1.Fast sorting of Items/Pokemon.
2.Easy way to find double/tripple Items/Pokemon.
3. Organized storage space.
4. No need to type the name of every item/poke you are searching for.
5. No need to search every storage space page one by one.


(Can’t see any at the moment, if anyone has any just let me know…)

So yeah…That’s about it, and as i said above. I apologize in advance if this was already suggested.

Yes, yes and YES! For ages I have been TRYING to get rid of all my extra pokemon (mainly because I keep forgetting I already had them xD) I think a system like this would be really useful and time-saving.

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I agree! This has been suggested quite a few times. I hope it gets implemented soon!

Well, glad to see. I was not the only one, to think that it would save a lot of trouble. As i said. I was not sure, if anyone had already suggested it. Feel free to close the topic.

Yes! Basically the Idea of a friendly - user game, adaptable with what you expect when using storage mechanics.
All of my yes. Why this is not implemented yet?

Strongly agree with this~
The suggestion’s been thrown around a few times but it’d be good to see it implemented. It’s often a nightmare trying to organise everything.

i strongly agree with this

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This would make finding things and mons so much easier!

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