Rest stop near Southern Sea / Harmonic Tower / Crescent Islet

In light of recent topic Rest Stop Outside Mt. Barricade, I also wanna suggest the addition of a rest stop a bit closer to these dungeons. All of these require one of the longest walks from town and the use of two or more HMs, and there are no rest stops near this west part of Exbel.

If I could make a suggestion, I’d suggest using this tent south from the evolution chamber (currently blocked off and has no real use). This would provide handy access to a storage and assembly which can be found just above, and would shorten the walk distance a bit to these dungeons.


There is already one rest stop close to mineral cavern. (Same rock smash usage)

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There is already one rest stop close to mineral cavern. (Same rock smash usage)

that stop isn’t close to the dungeons that were listed in the topic (HT specifically).

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Yes, there’s the pirate’s cove, but it requires you to use rock smash everytime you want to get out of there, and it doesn’t exactly connect to much aside from just MC/shortcut to SS.

I’d argue adding a stop around that area would still see much benefit - the walk to HT from pirate’s cove is still almost as long as from town.

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Well, it’ll take more time at the same way because you’ll need cut+rock smash+surf from that rest stop location you are suggesting. Pirate’s cove only gives you rock smash + surf. I it wasn’t meant to be close to HT. I was aiming to Southern Sea/Crecent Islet.

Same with your location you are just suggesting, but now adding CUT to the way.

I think to make a bigger and better solution to those dungeons, is adding a rest stop in HT Isle, and other one in the isle where Southern Sea entrance is.

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I understand what you’re saying. Syni’s solution is more of in the middle, only adding one rest stop in the middle area instead of adding two rest stops in front of both entrance, so there wouldn’t need to be two different rest stops.

I would agree with making a rest stop at HT’s island, but making another one for SS would cause the other rest stop near mineral cave to be pretty worthless (since it was mentioned). It would be better to just keep that rest stop.


Yeah, a stop specifically at HT would probably be most beneficial then, and keep the pirate’s cove just for SS/CI. Thematically it is a cool stop so making one at Southern Sea’s isle would probably render the other one obsolete like peepo said too.


I’d love a rest stop right outside mineral cavern, or somewhere between that and HT

I had no idea, where even is that?