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Hello there everyone. This is RichardG and Today im going to be telling you about a new project I’ve been starting. As of recently i have been starting to record myself doing dungeon runs on PMU. These runs then get put on my youtube account(RichardG- - -Haxdreinite). These videos are meant for both entertainment and informative aspects. You can just watch me go through and explain a little bit about the dungeon i am in and maybe even learn something.

 Here is the link to my channel:

 Keep in mind i have only recently started and i don't have too many videos yet.  However i am working as much as i can to add more videos every week. Some will be uploaded quicker than other depending on how busy i am in life.

 Without further ado i will let you click on the link if you are interested and i hope you do enjoy. :joy:  :joy:

A new video has been added for Valentine Relic. (AKA The Event Dungeon)
Me and Shiny Zekrom aka Zappeh travel to Valentine Relic to let you guys know what is there.

My hiatus is almost over as the bugs and viruses on my computer have been resolved. I am currently in the works of making sure i have everything still working as they did before. As some more good news, during my downtime i used a different computer, one with which i couldn’t record with, to prepare for future videos which was quite a few dungeons actually. Expect more videos in the upcoming future.

both parts of Winden Training Dojo are now out.



It’s time to enter Tanren Territory.

And now for the easiest dungeon in Tanren.

Really like some of your videos. Keep up the great work! :'D

Subscribed. :la:

Thank you for the support. I plan on having a video for every dungeon someday. I’m just working on them one at a time. Here’s to the future. :joy:

Its time to train at the electrifying Rustic Sevannah

On the road to Rocky Ravine and getting ready for a big dungeon coming soon.

The Harmonic Tower Video is here for your enjoyment. It is a celebration of my 25+ subscribers. Thank you guys so much for the support this far.

A new adventure is starting.

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