[Shop] Pokemon Collectibles!

Hello Players!

We have the Pokemon Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Eevee as collectible items in the forum shop right now.

These collectibles will go for 200 a piece, and are there for a limited time. Be sure to get them while you can!

Awesome! I’m totally a collector and I’m probably going to be spending a lot of time trying to get all of them before they’re gone, haha.
The forum shop seems like a super cool feature in general, honestly, probably gonna try and get a forum username change after I get all the collectibles.

I will be looking forward to collecting these beautiful collectable items!

/Saving intensify for Bulbasaur

Nah, they look awesome!

What can you do with them? Are they for your profile?

Items are in your profile Shop tab and they display below your post count when you make a post. They are purely collectibles.

I wonder if someone’s going to be crazy enough to collect them all. =P

I will probably collect them all haha.

That’s cute! :3

Very adorable considering they appear on your profile imagine having every single pokemon collectable. lol

Oh, can you give these as gifts or are they account locked?

You can view the details of an item and whether they are giftable or not by hovering your cursor over the icon. They are giftable.

This opens up potential in-game transactions for the collectibles.

So we also have the gifting feature on this forum as I’ve found out you can send currency.

Oooh, these features sound nice~ (especially gifting)
now to just save up for that eevee one :'P

Marvelous idea, yeah can’t wait to see more Pokémon (:

Good luck to everyone who is gonna collect all of these beautiful small toys ^^

o; Cute

Oh my, they look adorable o: (I might actually consider collecting all of them)
These new features sound really nice too~

Sounds good, i bet i pick a Pikachu or a Charmander one, not sure which one, but they are cute, good luck collecting them.

They are actually super cute. Maybe we’ll see more of these in the future.