Suggest a Recruit Option For The Current Egg Only Pokemon

As the title suggests, I wanted to talk about finding some recruit places for the pokemon that are currently only obtainable via eggs. This topic was originally broached by Levy, who addressed it from the perspective of whether we should have recruits for these egg only pokemon. Thanks to all of your support in voting and replying, we were able to show that we do want recruits for these mons. (You can check out the mentioned thread below)

With that answered though, we have to move on to the next step, finding a place for all of the pokemon. It’s not enough for us to just say these mons should have a home, we need to provide some baseline for what we as a community want to see out of the recruits. If a staff member walks over this and decides to go to bat for one of these recruits, they should be able to look over the forums and say “Wow, a lot of people agree with my idea, this must be what the community wants” or “Wow, this is not at all in line with where I thought this should go, maybe I should reconsider”. Below, I’ve listed all the Pokemon currently Egg Only (excluding gible and dratini).

  • Cubone
  • Munchlax
  • Tyrogue
  • Wishiwashi
  • Turtonator
  • Meditite
  • Larvesta
  • Carnivine
  • Meowth
  • Igglybuff
  • Cleffa
  • Passimian
  • Oranguru

And now I’ll pass it off to you guys. Where do you all think these pokemon should go? If you wanna be general or specific, keep it brief or go into detail, any suggestion is appreciated. Even if your suggestion for a Pokemon is that you don’t think there’s any dungeon currently that fits it as a recruit, that works too.

I plan on making individual threads for a good number of these Pokemon, if not all, to really push for these guys to be in their own dungeons and to make a strong case for why they should go there specifically. So any suggestions you all can give here will help a lot in seeing your favorite mons recruitable.

  • Cubone - Undercity Catacombs
  • Munchlax - Could go anywhere or in a future food dungeon
  • Tyrogue - Mt. Barricade
  • Wishiwashi - could literally be anywhere and everywhere in water dungeons
  • Turtonator - SVW
  • Meditite - Starlit mid floors, Winden Pass, Mt. Barricade, Snowveil Den
  • Larvesta - late floors or SR in SVW
  • Carnivine - Boggy Wastes
  • Meowth - Jailbreak, Undercity, could go in so many dungeons
  • Igglybuff - Mt. Moon
  • Cleffa - Mt. Moon
  • Passimian - MJ
  • Oranguru - MJ

Most of them I agree with, however, here are some that I feel could be in another location

Tyrogue - TTD. First 20 floors has no recruit and the dungeon itself has all 3 hitmons as boss (depending on path)
Larvesta - Just change the egg to a honey spawn in sunrise SR.
Passimian / Oranguru - ATD as recruit. ATD is currently quite boring, just bunch of eggs, no recruit. They really could go there especially since they are bosses there too


The dungeons do fit, but Idk how people think about dojos with recruits. Otherwise I would’ve mentioned those too. Especially ATD was a weird concept with the partner system and being a boring dungeon in general. Might see more use if partner system is removed and Passimian / Oranguru are last 10 floor recruits


fair point about atd. However, with ttd and wtd already having recruit. I think both of them are options. Like meditite in the first few floors of wtd (It’s already there, just not recruitable)


I’ll show a bit of bias towards Oranguru since it is one of my hunts, but with ATD not allowing items either, I’d rather not want a recruitable in there unless it does put a limit of like 5 items or so. ATD is just a forgettable dungeon sadly


Agreed with Meditite in Snowveil


Thank you for all the suggestions we’ve received so far! Think a good enough time has passed for as many people to comment to get a good view of where people want certain shinies to end up.

Anyone who has yet to respond, please feel free to voice your suggestions, and in the mean time I will soon be making forum posts on some of the more unanimously chosen ideas (including feedback in game ofc).