Suggestion: New Utillity to The White Flute

The White Flute is currently a rare, useless item. I say we could make it even rarer to make it work like an infinite honey. But, NOT! the exact effect of honey, a “nerfed” effect of honey, spawning 1 or 2 Pokémon for each use. This would certainly affect Shinyhunting and EXP All Grinding. So, what do you guys think:

If the White Flute item ever got this effect, it would spawn…
  • 1 (50% chance to work)
  • 1
  • 2 (50% chance to work)
  • 2
  • 3 (50% chance to work)
  • 3

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It’ll be better to be used as honey or infinite (despite there is spawn limit) if possible, there are toher topics about it too.

It would definitely be nice to find a use for the white flute! Your idea is interesting, but an infinite use honey might be a bit powerful of an item unfortunately, even in a nerfed state.

Maybe we could make White Flute somewhat similar to mystery part where you can only use in dungeon, and after use it will be sent back to storage so kinda isn’t infinite honey in 1 run but it’s infinite use just need to run the dungeon multipule times.

Or maybe the White Flute can be an “infinite” honey. However, it can be used only 10 times in a dungeon. As the icing on the cake, it can have the effect of returning like Arti recommended. That would actually make the seemingly OP “spawn-3-Pokémon” effect balanced.

I’m pretty sure 10 honey will break the game still as that’s actually still a lot and considering dungeons have rest point, that’s like 20 honey 1 run. I think maybe it could be a chance from 1st being 100%, 2 being 85%, 3 being 70%, 4 being 55%, and so on might be a better idea if building onto what you are thinking.

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All ideas here are quite interesting and also viable!
I have this idea based on Real Life (I play the flute), what about adding it “Durability”?
I mean, an NPC to give maintenance to the flute to restore the usages! Like an example, give it 15-20 uses MAX. Then once is out of uses, take it to the NPC to restore it! I think that way will not make it that troublesome and worth at least to have and get! and no matter how long or checkpoints the dungeon has, it can’t be restored until they meet the Flute Maintenance NPC again in Town!

In real life I have to clean it and give maintenance time to time, so, this will be a pretty good mechanic based from real life, if it isn’t that hard to code of course.


@Kuma , you’re a genius! Even I that play a real flute (like you said you do) never thought about it! @Kuma , please creat a “Suggestion & Contributions topic” about that! I’ll be sure to vote and even more sure other people will like this suggestion!

Also, you can make the White Flute NPC only available in Archford and make restoration cost Poké. Like, 10K-25K range? I don’t know. If the loyal and arguably the best staffs in MMOs, the PMU staffs, like @Seedlings , @Turtwig_B , @Kirk and @Andy ever want to add this feature, they’ll decide what’s best for the game!

P.S.: If you’re a staff and didn’t mention you, I have 2 things to say. First, sorry. I only mentioned the ones I know and second: Please, if you like this idea as much as we (at least I and Kuma) do, try to program this utility to the White Flute to the game.

1000-5000 poke itll be nice! White Flute is an ultra rare drop and also, the dungeon is long and all that way for 1 box, that can be lead to dispair something. Also, Staff team maybe have readen this if you tag them already. Next of that, it’s fine! Also, more of players sell honey 500-1000 each. I imagine getting the white flute it spects to make the things less expensive here.
The NPC can be in all region towns. I mean, why an item gotten from Exbel be restored in Archford?

I don’t think we need to put that NPC in every region. Having it in either Exbel or Tanren makes more sense as the dungeon is in Exbel, however you need rock climb from Tanren Mines to unlock the dungeon. Also, Ashen Graveyard being the only place that White Flute is obtainable should also makes it more balanced as it’s definitely a rare drop (I have ran it a good 10 times now still no luck), as well as being quite a challenge dungeon. Also, I think around 2k poke is good enough for like 20 honey tries as this gives a player a desire at obtaining the White Flute as honey normally goes for around 500 to 1k and therefore can be a much better deal than honey.

Actually, I think we need the NPC in Archford only. Why? Because the Ashen Graveyard is a super late-game dungeon, so why having it on Exbel? I know, AG is in Exbel, but still.

“But, Lucariomen! Meesa, the Vulpix is already Archford-Exclusive!”

First, I don’t know even WHY Meesa was introduced so late (Make Meesa replace the empty Togepi tent that talks about Togetic’s Refuge). If Bronzong, an SHARD specified NPC is 2 REGIONS earlier than Meesa, why not make Meesa accessible earlier as well.

Second, why not having two exclusives? I mean, we have Ripley, the Sneasel and the nameless Togekiss in Exbel!

This actually does bring up a pretty good point. I do agree that Vulpix being in Tanren does make sense. But looking at what we have on our plate currently, while I do see the stand of the npc being in Archford, it just doesn’t really connect. Why not have combee, which normally already selling honey, has a partner (Hopefully Golem) to help clean this flute. Or maybe combee itself can clear/restock it?

Ok! As simple like this! It’s a Musical Instrument! Let’s make the NPC in Harmonic Tower Entrace Map!

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I feel like an Item that doesn’t work just shouldn’t have been obtainable maybe, but If we want to keep the effect similar to the main series effect how about; when held by anyone on the team, It Increases the spawn rate by a little bit. I feel like In most cases this Isn’t overpowered, due to the number of held Items worth using, assuming It can’t be stacked from party members also holding It or holding multiple yourself even. Like a sort of cap to how much can be added to the default spawn rate of the dungeon. Adding the effect of durability and having an NPC for It sounds extra unless that was built Into something more for a much bigger range of Items.

Ok! As simple like this! It’s a Musical Instrument! Let’s make the NPC in Harmonic Tower Entrace Map!

People will complain about It being In such a far way spot that requires two HM moves. On another note though, the flute could just be turned Into an Item that plays music. What the effect should be might depend on what’s planned for the other 4 flutes If anything, since there’s more than just the white one.

As seen from the link, the Black Flute basically does the opposite of the White Flute, and the other three cure status conditions. Blue cures sleep, red cures Infatuation, and yellow cures confusion. Again, If we’re going with something akin to their effects In the main series, well, I see nothing wrong with them for PMU In the case of the status condition ones. Whether they’d be overpowered or not depends on how early you can get them, but In any case most people have their family Items or gems, or use Safeguard anyway. Even so, If you don’t have any of those, there’s always Refresh and etc. The aforementioned statuses ( and most ) only tend to be a problem when you’re surrounded, and If you’re surrounded I kind of doubt you’d be able to both cure yourself and execute moves fast enough In that span of time In order to save yourself.

Regardless of the color of the flute I think when It comes down to It they’re mostly collector’s Items. In the case of the status flutes, If they were able to cure their respective status, It would be a cool added bonus.

The purpose of making it in Harmonic Tower Entrace is to make sure that people have enough progress to start getting items like this. And with that said, you need Rock Climb to access to ashen dungeons. So, I see NO problem with that. (Until they make it rank item like Tight Belt, then it can be nulled).

It can be quite sorrowful if it ends like that, even more where people shiny hunt and knows about this.

How about making the White Flute kinda like a honey storage. You need to combine honey with it, and rather than carrying around just a limit of honey and doing multipule run, you can just put all the honey into the flute and can bring like 100 to it rather than just 6 pages at most. I don’t see how this will break the economy, but does give an incentive for people to get flute as it makes shiny hunting much easier.

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While there’s absolutely no logic (even for Pokémon) in that, we should go for that idea lol


We could make Combee clean the flute and make it usable for a set number of times. The exchange for each use? HONEY. Making Combee sell Honey and also do something else wouldn’t be such a weird thing. I mean, HOW do you think the Combee from Tanren ALWAYS have near INFINITE Honey for you to buy? No. Not only a Honey Gather hive. Flute M U S T be a factor.

In all seriousness, Arti’s idea is good.

Been a while since this was discussed, but after seeing all the stuff in #general and #pmu-discussion on the discord server, make the White Flute an held item that gives a ability Honey Gather could make a relyable?

While the idea is really good and it would be a reliable item, what does a flute have to do with honey?

Honey Gather is an Ability that gives the user’s a 0.25% chance per level to gather a honey when entering a new floor.