.: Tanren Chambers, a Guide to Everything~ [WIP] :

u can get a surskit egg in bug chamber

Note, for any “details” you need to PM Voltray, don’t state them on the Forums.
It’s says so in the guide.

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Well, The guide got updated today:~

[Dec-11-12] Update:~

-Added some keys, exits, switch points and box items information in various chambers, thanks to people who discovered them.
-Added routes to beat Grass, Fire, Rock, Flying, Fighting, Dragon and Normal.
-For some requests I got from many people, I added Magmarizer’s and Electrizer’s routes, they can be found just below “The Fossils” part of this guide.
-Modified Armor and Skull fossils’ routes, and they have been fixed.

~Next update might include:

-Routes to beat Ghost and Ground.
-Some boxes items and key floors of various chambers.
-Mew’s secret.
-TC Mission guide.

Well, that’s all for now.~

Do you have any ideas on how to beat Ground and Ghost because, I have a couple of ideas.

Well, the only idea I have is those two chambers are connected and might have the similar route to beat (but different at last part of course), So you might beat Ground by switching to there after B79F Ghost, and you beat Ghost by switching to there after B84F Ground.

Still didn’t test that, and I will do soon.~

Whoaa~ Great guide you have there! It’s really organized, and I love the information! Thanks for the huge help! :joy:

I can tell you devoted a lot time in this. And I can say it’s really great! :3

Good job! :joy:

On the lileep route when you switch to fire there is no Bottom left dot its the Bottom right dot

Glad you like it.~ :joy:

Thanks.~ :3

Oh, sorry about that. Fixed!

And also Flameof1000Worlds is Lara i think

Yes, my in-game name is indeed Lara XD

Thanks for making this guide; it’s helped me a lot with TC~

Oh, and could you add credit to Xenith? He and I discovered the B54F ending together XD

Awesome guide Volty!

And thanks for help! :D

Well, I’m so delighted to see more and more people started to help filling the guide with info, thanks again everyone.~ :joy:

By the way, I got many requests to write down routes for all “Fake Exits” in each chamber, so, you guys think it would be helpful to add these routes to the guide or it would make the guide looks too confusing… What do you all think?

(I’ll decide depending on your opinions.~)

If you add a bit at the end that has the route to all the fake endings, that could help.~
Maybe make a poll for it? ;o

revival herb at 84 electric exit
life orb at dark 64

Once, again awesome guide. And yes Volt, that would be a good idea, then again, if someone “does” find any clues about Tanren Chambers, they are required to PM (Private Message) them to Voltray, as stated in the guide. Well, it’s currently down.

Lets hope it comes up soon! :D

Since the guide is under heavy updating, I would like to point out that superswampert45 has made a temporary TC guide for the time-being. Please go there for the time-being if you need help with TC


Okay, the guide is available again.

Nicely done Voltray.~

Thanks for making this guide ! It’s really helpful.