ok any this is about, well obviously team rocket if u want 2 join just post here

ok our members r:
Lucario The Guardian(doesn’t go on any more)
Pika Pika(Legendary Catcher dont share plans with pika pika)
Skull kid
pika J
Flame Wheel
Well i havent updated since idk but this isnt the final revision in total id say we have about 25 or 26 people on our team so i guess thats it
And… our Allies are Team Revolution and Brawl Legends and final Team Lunar Eclipse


We exist now! dances I’m gonna have to work diligently at the website soon aren’t I??? Oooooooo think of all the graphics and goodies I can make to support Team Rocket! :lol:


Alrighty… I guess we are now enemies… :evil: :evil: :evil:


Aw, man! You guys beat me to it. X3

Yayyyy! Eva! You joined the forums! -skips around joyfully-
I hope Team Rocket will start growing once more and more people decide to join the dark side, and our delicious table of Girl Scout cookies. ^____^

Also, I’d like to add that Team Rocket is the first criminally organised team in PMU, and will strive to become the most successful in the criminal career even when others decide to create dark forces. c:


wolfy eva we have 2 find wayz to get more members when u have any then tell me ok :D


Yes…I have some TR friends that, if I’m lucky enough to persuade to join PMU, will be a nice recruit to our team. ^___^

Right now I’ll be focusing on the Rocket funding and getting myself well-trained. People will be much more likely to join our criminal organisation if we’ve got a nice evil fortress and some strong leaders to top it off. c:


wat r u getting at jk :mrgreen: .ok i’ll try keep recruting ppl.and trainjust let me no if u find any1 that wants 2 join.(most of time im on if im not im grounded :mrgreen: )


I’m trying to get one of my friends from school to join and possibly a few others(namely my friend who now lives in Arizona;D She’d be a very fine addition). Sorry I haven’t been on lately, I’m not allowed on the computer during the week until my homework is done XD


That stinks. XDD Yes yes, get your friends to join! I’ve been trying but so far, no such luck. :’( Not yet, anyway.

I’ve actually had a lot of free time this week comparitively to what I usually have, but I just recently got swamped in English HW and gave up an hour of my time walking my dog every day for Ash Wednesday, so…might get busier. Mehhhhh… >____>
Ah well, I’ll still try to get on here at least 30 min each day, (or three hours) even if my mum kills me for it. ^^;


lol ok thank u guys for trying to support TTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM rocket :D


Team Rocket ^^


Yes…unfortunately, we’re a little low on profits at the mo…which kind of explains why were in an alley, and the only way through being the crack in the wall. -sweatdrops-

But no matter…Team Rocket…SHALL PREVAAAAAAIIIIILLL! ^____^


I just bought my house, so… Whatever I collect can be donated for Team Rocket! ^^
We should make a really awesome base thats hidden somewhere, so only members know how to get in. :3
(It could be disguised as like… a… rock. : D )


I think it would be wonderful to have our base hidden somewhere no one could find it! :D Except we’d pro’lly have to find somewhere other than a rock since…non-TR people might be reading this & they’d automatically know. O.O
-le gasp-

Of course, there are a lot of rocks, so perhaps we could get away with it… ^____^;


Yes… Of Course. They would know that it would be a rock and then they would realize that we said that we shouldn’t hide our base in a rock, so then they know it won’t be a rock, but then they will realize… blabbers on

Yush! So how are our funds for the team base? o:


To all non-TR people reading this: The TR base might be in a rock, it might not, & there will pro’lly be waffles because we ran out of Girl Scout cookies! :o

I’m not sure how everybody else is doing, but I’ve got…a little less than 2k now. -sweatdrops-


The base itself might be a waffle.
Hmn, I should get saving then. xD


Ooooo maybe we should be in a tree? Or even an abandoned warehouse would work…but that one would be too obvious :?


Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr maybe in a dungeon that would be awsome or maybe it should be a relly big house no1 will ever guess that :D


All that is really known about it so far is that it will be full of evil :shock: