~The -=Official=- Leave/Return[Temporarily] Thread~

Hiya! Welcome to the ~The -=Official=- Leave/Return[Temporarily] Thread~.
You may bid your farewell or announce your return in this thread. You may also announce whether you are leaving temporarily and when you have returned.

There are a few things you should know before you post here:

  • Keep it clean; DO NOT attempt to flame or insult anyone.
  • DO NOT make a pointless post meant to attract attention.
  • DO NOT post anything off-topic, keep it relevant!
  • ONLY post if you are a member known in the community that is leaving or returning temporarily! All Pokemon Mystery Universe rules apply

Here are a few things you should consider before posting your leaving post!

Cya later than Andy.
And Hi to all the other new players out there.

Not to be mean or insult anybody or any living thing but, Does this have to do with the Mass numbers of people Quitting/Retire? Just a curiosity. :/ Anyways i guess this deserves a Wait for it… Woot. :|

Not going to be on as much due to PC Tower in for repairs within the span of 2 weeks, due to faulty hardware inducing Blue Screen of Deaths.

…Sad stuff. New pc, a little over a month and it goes kerplunk. Yay for srs bzns warranty coverage.

Going to be temporarily less active in game for a while due too not being able to update my client successfully.


Heey guys :D(And girls) for you older players, you know who I am and I hope you never forget me :D For those of you who can"t be bothered to see who made this thread my names Kilplix, hai to all you newer players out there who have just started and I have never got a proper chance to hang out with :( Anyway, so yea, I"m Kilplix, I am an oldish player I suppose, I was around soon after christmas during the times of PMU6,I was really well known at a time in my PMU life, I was friends with all, I always put others before myself, I was the most generous player on PMU (Which also lead to me being the poorest, lol xD) I was always there if someone needed me, wether it was a new player needed teaching about controls and commands, or a player needing help with training, or spending hours of mindless farming for a really rare item just to give it away, or even as far as helping people with personal issues, I played for the players, to make the game a better place, I never asked for anything, you guys being happy was all I needed, I mean, I had great times with my friends too, who here remembers me founding Mt Kilplix? On PMU6? xD Good times… Sadly, all good things must come to an end, which is a bummer really because I loved you all on PMU, every day I woke up, obviously I did other things but the best fun I had was with everyone on here, helping you, making the game better for everyone, now, I will stop rambling for a minuite and cut to the chase, I have to leave PMU if you hadn"t guessed, not temporarily, I"m gone for good :( The reason I spent so much time on here in the past was I didn"t have much to do, I wasn"t at collge or school, I didn"t have a job etc, even if I did I would still play on here, but now, I have college, my girlfriend, my friends, that wouldn"t normaly be enough to make me quit, but truth is, all my friends are gone, my best friends from oh so long ago, gone, there are so many new players whom I would love to make friends with, but I can"t, I simpley don"t have the free time, anyway, so this is a sad farewell by one of the most loved, not so old, but un forgettable players of PMU, well, I hope you wont forget me, the newer players wont be able to meet me but whenever you see a Mew* or a Charizard, think of me, or Magikarps, think of my Magikilp :D Goodbye, I hope you all have the best gaming experience on PMU ever! I am going to talk to my friends just before I go though, to say more personal farewells, and yes, I am leaving the chat, this forum and my Skype too. Bye~


Goodbye kilp…tho we never seemed like friends, I like to say we kinda were 8-)

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Farewell, Kilp

How…How DARE you Kilp!? :o Friends, get ooon! XD oh well… I tried :x
Enjoy the out-life =(^!^)=

Like Andy’s first post, I’ll be only coming on PMU for sometimes.
About 60-30 mins everyday, UNLESS (Yeah Unless),
PRO D Day, Sick or something like that, or Holiday, Ect, i’ll be online.

This is because…
My teacher is kinda crazy about homework, and I have alot everyday.
Than I have to practice My band Instrument (Electric Bass)
My Electric Guitar.
Next I get a snack.
Finish homework,
Take lessons, For example, Swimming at late hours on Thursday and Tuesday.
Than I sleep.
That’s the main part of my scheduale.
Especially since I can’t play Computer, or watch TV during the monring hours.

Lol. I remember Mt Kilplix. I think I still have the video of it too. Anyway Good bye Kilplix. I wish you the best of luck

I may or may not be on less, due to the fact that pmu isn’t as fun as it used to be for me, however this is not determined so keep on hoping! :D And i realize that almost noone knows me, but this is so my friends know what’s going on.

I have returned, though I currently have no intention of taking my cape back. I am just glad to be back where I belong, and hope that I can shed some light or hope or other wisdom as I once did hapilly.

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wb jinx! :D

Wb Jinx i’m glad you’re back.

from being reported by falzar i should go away from pmu until further notice! (But i’ll just go away from the game, not the chat and forums.)

goodbye :cry:

Da’www so many leaving. I hate to do this so suddenly but, I gotta get goin’ for a while. Unfournately, I’m jam packed with being in the Play and soon I will be playing an instrument(Either Acoustic Guitar or Violin, Possibly Cello). Not to mention I broke both my Laptops and now I’m screwed for a while. Anyway, I’ll try to visit on Holidays! Anyway, I’ll be back ASAP! See ya all later and remember my quotes and my silliness until I return!

"You were fake, I was great, nothing personal.’’

DON’T FORGOT ME!!Lolz, see ya soon.


HELLO ONE AND ALL AND THANK YOU FOR READING ABOUT MY RETURN :D Its gonna be fun being back (ive missed u guys sooo much :3) SO NOW I AM BACK TO PLOT MY DOOM!! MWUHAHAHAHA i mean…yeah im back :D

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