~The -=Official=- Leave/Return[Temporarily] Thread~

Welcome back Flygon :D

Goody your back Flygon. :D

hey guy im not know here very much becase when i join i only post like 3 times and then my comp died *forever so later after i got a new computer i am just caching up with people i barly knew and here why r now im mostly on PO but sometimes im on the forum or pmu

Liam! I’m so glad you’ve returned!

JINX WE GOO WAYY BACK remeber? anyway glad ur back buddey :D

Welcome Back Jinx

Not really leaving, as such, just going to be online a lot less. Because, somewhat, school is being a pain in the butt, and I have a bunch of papers to write and such, but also because I need a life. PMU is not my life, and I’ve been treating it like it was. Unlike others, this isn’t really 'cause I lost a lot from pmu6, I’m not going to complain about that, though part of this might be a little that PMU’s become slightly boring recently.

TL;DR: Going to be on less because I need a life. This is not leaving yet, because this would be a lot longer if I was and I’m too lazy to type a long post at the moment.

wb jinxy ;p

having the same problem plix had a few months back =.=
comp wont charge at all so i wont be seen on pmu, forums, and chatango until i get a new comp/charger

until then, good luck

Ah, good to see you again Jinx. I trust you’ve been well?

We should have a nice conversation, with some tea :D

so if i “retire” will i get a retirement fund i am not retiring just if i do will i get money :P

I suppose I have two things to say, i’ll start positive…
Thanks Andy for including the advice I left about making a leaving post, I’m glad that didn’t go to waste.

The negative…
I swear, I came back mere days after Kilplix left… and I feel really bad for missing his leave…
I hope I can contact him sometime soon… but if he just happens to wander by and read this…
The times were fun man, I said, that in my opinion you always were one of the pmu greats, I’ll stick by that opinion.
Take care, and good luck in the future, whatever you do, I hope we can keep in touch.

As for me now, PMU7 has a feel that nobody knows anyone… and I do feel very alone… most of the friends I keep in touch with on a daily basis rarely play… or have quit…
I’m not going to quit…
I’m gonna carry on playing, 'cause when you’re on your own… all you can do is carry on…

I thank you for reading my small yet subtle words.

I’ll bring the biscuits, Candroo!

Welcome back Jinx. Great to see that you’re back, and well.

And I’ll bring the cheeseburgers? :D

-Punts Jigsaw.-

Looks like I got the BSoD-rama again. Writing from my Wii atm.

My tower is in for repairs, maybe the harddrive might be the issue… I don’t really know. Seems to happen when I have PMU or a F2P mmorpg running.

I’ll be around, just on my wii or ds during the day. Probably going back to graveyard shift. =P

Alright, that tears it, i am leaving pmu. Reasons: I cant take the server being down. (especially when it happens right before something important to me and my friends) I Hate the community, the only ones i like are the staff and my TWO friends. As far as my liking the game, on a scale of 1-10 it’s 1. I am NOT a veteran or anything, but i wanted to thank the staff and my friends for making such cherishable memories… goodbye pmu…

(i might not leave, but it’s highly likely i will. and just before the halloween event, too :x )

No offense to the makers of PMU, but I’m leaving until that issue with the 300 MB update is sorted out. I’ll check on it periodically to see if the situation has improved, but I can’t play PMU because of the music update.

So long for now.

It’s not their fault that the server is down due to errors, You need to remember that. They are trying their best to get it back online, they are not just doing nothing.

Delete please. :>

Redstars, if anyone has been doing such things to you, the best course of action to take would be contacting a staff member such as myself and explaining your situation. I guarantee you that if you contact one of us, we’ll personally deal with whoever is “trolling” you, because we don’t tolerate things such as that.
If you would still like to leave, I’m not stopping you. You have my regards.