TM Item Descriptions

The current item description for TMs in PMU is currently just ‘‘teaches you the move X’’, which is not very helpful when selecting movepools.

This description space could instead be used to describe the actual use of the move in the form of short descriptions, for example:

TM Flamethrower
Teaches you the move Flamethrower.
A ranged fire-type line move that hits all targets within its reach.

Now, while Flamethrower is an obvious one, there are many moves (e.g. Ally Switch) that aren’t very straight forward and would benefit from a description. Format of these descriptions would of course have to be decided beforehand.

This would be especially helpful since not all moves in PMU work the same as in the mainline games.

Similar to Attack Summary On Demand

Will leave open for discussion since they’re technically two different things. If I remember right, PMD Sky would provide a green link to the summary for the move being taught.

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Ah my bad! I hadn’t seen the 2013 post. I see that the possibility of TM descriptions was also brought to attention by Kirk in that thread.

Since the list of moves is quite massive and they all would need a description, perhaps this idea could use some community help? Like a google spreadsheet where people can help write descriptions for moves or something along the lines. I’d sure be willing to contribute at least.

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Would be a cool change, lets you know the range of the move before you teach it. Saves you having to ask in General what the range is, especially if there are very little people online or no one knows the range.


Yes! We could definitely crowdsource the descriptions if the community is interested.

As far as range/hit type, that could be added much faster since that information is already available in the database.