Some people struggle with setting up WINE, and ensuring PMU works so this is a simple guide.
So some basics are that:

  • PMU is compiled/built for 32-bit systems to ensure maximum compatibility.
  • This means that you need to either configure WINE to run in 32-bit mode, or use a 32 bit WINE. For my purposes I use a 32-bit WINE AppImage for Linux. You may get it from here.
  • As well, Mono is required since PMU also uses the .NET framework. Gecko is not needed since PMU doesn’t use any features related to HTML displaying.

How to setup WINE:
Usually it goes something like this in the terminal/CLI (command line interface)
WINEARCH=win32 wine /path/to/PMU.exe
If you wish to set the prefix to something besides the default, you insert in WINEPREFIX=/path/to/prefix before WINEARCH. If you decided to specify the prefix, the folder must not exist yet.
Obtaining mono varies from system to system/distribution, but WINE itself can download mono and set it up if needed.

I also suggest using the .zip instead of the installer provided to prevent issues with installing.

How do I launch PMU??
It’s relatively simple, simply type in wine /path/to/PMU.exe
Or you can simply write a script to launch it and place it on your desktop.

It will and can still crash occasionally, just like in Windows.
It doesn’t work!

  • Ensure that you have configured WINE to run in 32-bit mode, if it crashes at start up, it is most likely you didn’t remember to set it.
  • It looks terrible: Well… there isn’t really a fix for that. Due to how it renders/display you may experience white-out issues and some items having a black background.
  • Shortcut doesn’t work as expected: You cannot create a symbolic link (shortcut that can go across filesystems, stores information of where it points to) or hard link (basically it points to the same spot on the filesystem so B, a hardlink of A is pointing to the data of A) because it will then attempt to use the folder it was in as the working spot.

Feel free to ping me on Discord at ‘Flame the Brave’ or post here if you have any further issues not covered.