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This Is a guide for making Poké image on PMU In 2020+ that sucks.
Poké Is the main currency In PMU. You’ll want a lot of It to buy useful Items from players, supplies for dungeoning, or maybe you want to be on the leaderboard for top richest. Whether you’re new or old you might not know where to start and that’s what this guide Is for.

I’ve just had the drive to make a guide on the forums. In fact, I was working on a different one before this but alas here I am. This guide Is reminiscent of the much older Poké guide I read long ago, made by Bless: How to make EASY MONEY. It was already outdated when I joined, but I ended up enjoying reading It anyway as It had charm and gave me Inspiration. So, I wanted to make a new guide fitting for these uncertain times the much different economy and changes to PMU overall.


For New Players

I want to make a section specifically for If you’re new like Bless’ guide. The “early game grind” Is notorious for being…grindy. There’s no definite ”great” method to earning money In this phase since you’re doing basically everything for Poké.

For the obvious, always pick up Poké you see on the ground ( In dungeons, not when someone Is making a trade In town >_> ), sell anything you do not want/need to NPC merchants/Kecleon Shops. Boxes are sometimes dropped by Pokémon when you defeat them. Players often sell these (100 image) unless they collect/are looking for the family Items In these specific boxes. In dungeons with Mystery Eggs, If you don’t need them you can still pick them up and trade them to a Togekiss In a bazaar for a NIfty Box. You can sell those boxes or open them to get a random type Diamond. These Diamond Items Increase power of moves of that type however It’s single use and only lasts on the map used on, so they’re better off sold for 500 Poké each, which can be a lot as a new player If you keep getting these and selling them.

Sour Root Cave, the first dungeon where you can get an HM, can get a surprising amount with luck, despite Its difficulty. Firstly, once you get HM Cut the first time you can sell additional HMs for 500 Poké. The end room has a box which you can sell or open for the chance of a Silver Powder which sells for 500 Poké too, as well as the 2nd boss of the dungeon possibly dropping a Silver Leaf, also selling for 500. For a short time In my earliest days, this Is how I’d make my money.

Seafoam Cove Is a fairly easy dungeon where you’re guaranteed to get 600 Poké at the end which might not be much but It can amount to more considering the eggs there, and sometimes Water Stones spawn In water, which sell for 1000.

I liked Island Garden when I was new because you may find Golden Banana Bunches, and those sell for 3000 Poké. If you don’t want to sell them, you can use them as an amazing food source. They’re rare though so this Isn’t a viable method. However Its end boxes can hold a few Items worth 500, or Honey, and Combee when they show up In the dungeon may drop Honey too. I’ll get Into Honey later on, but save Honey you get. While very rare Island Garden has Secret Rooms. Notable Items In Its SR boxes are Soothe Bells and Leaf Stones, both evolution Items worth 1000 Poké.

Mt. Skylift; It Is popular for training 20-30s and HM Fly but It’s also the earliest dungeon where you can get a Fossil ( another thing I’ll touch on later ). These are hidden so you’ll need a way to uncover hidden Items or Pickup *foreshadowing* but for a new player If you’re lucky you’ll get a good amount for that point In game If you sell It to a player. Other than that Mt. Skylift can spawn Honey and since It’s an HM dungeon, you can sell extra HMs like In Sour Root.

Aside from dungeons, you’ll be wanting to do missions too. Missions can reward direct Poké or other Items you can sell to NPCs and players. You’ll want to do as many as possible when you’re new because a higher rank means more storage and bag space. You’ll need the bag space to carry more Items to pick up and sell, and generally It’s a good thing to have as you advance In the game.

General Methods

The overall methods for making that cash money, dollar currency, and euro yen.

Honey and Honey Gather 20x20

When you use Honey In a dungeon, It’ll spawn about 5 Pokémon. This Is useful to people when they are training for levels or trying to hunt for shinies or recruits. Since Honey Is consumable you need a lot and thus that Is why players like to stock up on them. This makes It one of the best methods for Poké as there’s always someone who wants Honey. Honey nowadays goes for 500 to 1000, or less than 1250 Poké. Specifically < 1250 because there’s a Combee merchant In Tanren City who sells It for just that much. If you sell for over that you’re basically scamming people.

The most efficient way to get Honey Is using the Ability Honey Gather. When you enter a dungeon floor as the Pokémon with the Ability, you have a chance to get Honey and It appears In the first available slot of your bag ( held Item doesn’t affect anything ). Spam rushing dungeons with Honey Gather can get you a ton In little time. Honey Gather depends on level, so you get max chances at level 100, being 25% whenever It activates.
There are 4 Pokémon that get the Ability Honey Gather:

Combee Is the earliest Honey Gatherer available but Ribombee and Teddiursa are debatably the best. While Teddiursa Is unevolved It’s actually strong due to good moves, 1 and 2 star family Items, and Eviolite, and Is what I go with since I 100’d one. When you’re newer It’s also got Quick Feet; an Ability that boosts your running speed when statused so you don’t need a Crystal, doubly allowing you to Ignore things that can Inflict a non-volatile status. Even more, It has Pickup; an Ability that might give you up to 3 Items found In the dungeon on floor entry, regardless of level. Pair all of this with a dungeon that has Honey as an Item spawn and you have a Honey-making machine. Back then I’d burn myself and go through Honeydrop Meadow with my Teddiursa at only level 60~ and still get moderate amounts of Honey just spamming It.

Ribombee on the other hand Is fully evolved and dual-typed, therefore stronger with dusts and silks, as well as having a more convenient type for Its Gem and Crystal ( Bug uses Clear weather ). It’s recommend for people who dislike Pick Up giving garbage/unwanted Items. Ribombee has moves and Abilities better for defense/support but as a new player It will be Impossible to get at first.

Some people still prefer to use Combee as It can get 4x speed with Crystals alone, along with Ribombee’s line It can use Roost too rather than Rest for healing. In the end what you use for Honey Gather Is up to your preference as all HG Pokémon are good at one thing: getting Honey.

Event Tokens image

Event Token Items
Event Tokens are a currency you get mainly from weekly events and also Holiday Caves. The best way to obtain them Is from the weekly events. Weekly events happen on Sunday at 4:00 PM EST and they are mini-games and things hosted by staff for the community. In about 2 or 3 weeks you can get 25 tokens If lucky, and you will need that many If you want to get the Items shown above, bought from NPC merchant Ludicolo In Spinda’s Cafe.

Gems and Crystals which I mentioned briefly In the last section give status Immunity and boost running speed respectively. Each Gem/Crystal corresponds to a type and there needs to be a specific weather for It to work ( ex: Fiery Crystal and Gem are for Fire-types and they need sunny weather ). These Items are super op to have and are always wanted In the market. Weather Isn’t holding back the potential of them due to the Cloud Nine Ability and weather rock Items. Globes give a specific Immunity to damage of a type for another type ( ex: Fiery Globe gives Immunity to Water-type damage ).

If you aren’t seeking to buy these amazing Items for yourself they are worth A LOT of Poké, allowing you to get an Insane amount even as a new player since anyone can do weekly events ( however you’ll need to be Bronze ( Gems/Crystals ) or Silver ( Globes ) Rank to buy these Items In the first place ). Gems and Crystals are both about 300000-400000 Poké while Globes’ prices really fluctuate, but I see them go for 300000-800000.

Fossils 25x24

Fossils are the Items recurring In the main series Pokémon games that allow you to resurrect ancient Pokémon. They are highly sought after In PMU because It’s the only way to obtain the respective Pokémon outside of Easter Holiday Caves. Fossils are usually a pain to get so that means they are In turn worth a lot.

Fossils up to Generation 6 are released. Most of them are exclusively In the dungeon Tanren Chambers. The dungeon Is like a maze so I won’t explain how It works In this guide but you can find another guide for It here or here. Some Fossils are also found in other dungeons alongside TC.

The list of Fossils:
  • Old Amber (Aerodactyl) ( Mt. Skylift 30F+ hidden, TC Flying B64F exit)
  • Dome Fossil (Kabuto) ( Crystal Ruins 11F+ hidden, TC Dark B44F exit )
  • Helix Fossil (Omanyte) ( Shimmering Seabed end boxes, TC Water B74F exit )
  • Root Fossil (Lileep) ( TC Grass B69F exit )
  • Claw Fossil (Anorith) ( TC Bug B74F exit )
  • Armor Fossil (Shieldon) ( TC Steel B74F exit )
  • Skull Fossil (Cranidos) ( TC Rock B59F exit )
  • Plume Fossil (Archen) ( TC Fighting B80F exit )
  • Cover Fossil (Tirtouga) ( Sentimental Aquifer 40F+ hidden In water, TC Ground B79F exit )
  • Jaw Fossil (Tyrunt) ( Dragon’s Descent Depths end boxes, TC Dragon B64F exit )
  • Sail Fossil (Amaura) ( TC Ice B83F exit )
  • Odd Keystone (Spiritomb) ( Tanren Basement Spiritomb drop )
  • Worn Doll (Mimikyu) ( Tanren Graveyard end boxes )

Tanren Chamber Fossils and Cover Fossils go for around 100000-250000. The more common ones ( aka Old Amber/Dome Fossil/Odd Keystone/Worn Doll ) are usually < 50000 Poké but can be more depending on how much people want to pay obviously.

Pay Day image

pay dayy
Pay Day Is the signature move of Meowth and Persian. When you defeat an enemy with Pay Day, It drops Poké equal to your level + defeated enemy level ÷ 2, along with any other Item they were going to drop. It has a base power of 40, but Persian has Technician, gets STAB on It and you can use a Silk Scarf to boost Its power. My Persian has 3 Pay Days and Punishment for Ghost-types and bosses. You can learn Pay Day more than once using Doom Seeds. Meowth gets It at level 30 so you need to wait to evolve It Into Persian If you’re looking to get multiple.

Some people suggest using Liepard for Pay Day usage because you can just use Heart Scales to get Pay Day more than once and It has Unburden for faster attacking, but It’s not near as powerful as Persian using It. Training using mainly Pay Day to attack earns you a respectable amount of money as you level and go to dungeons with strong NPCs. Higher levels = more Poké. The only drawback Is obtaining Meowth If It wasn’t your starter; It’s a very rare egg In walls on one floor In Jailbreak Tunnel. It took me around 2 hours of constantly running It to get one. A good held Item to use with a Pay Day user Is a Pierce Band; normally Pay Day Is single target but with a Pierce Band, It’ll act as a piercing move ( you cannot see the effect while aiming however ).

Shiny Pokémon Untitled

Shiny Pokémon, a big addition to PMU In 2019 that changed everything. Shinies are Pokémon with a color different than normal, and that’s the only change. It doesn’t sound like It means anything but people like to hunt for the shiny version of Pokémon they like or want. Over time It created a shiny market. What happens Is you find a shiny and If you’re In a guild, you let a guild member take someone to you and they try to recruit It. People will pay for a chance at shinies and set up bounties for a shiny they’re hunting. If you’re up to the task, you can try to do a shiny bounty or sell off shinies you find. Bounty prices are crazy, I’ve seen many go over 1 million. Like always, It depends on the buyer but shinies are worth mad money.

A thing to keep In mind that If you log off, a Pokemon holding an Item will disappear, Including shinies. Shinies cannot spawn with boxes but they can still pick Items up. There’s also a certain amount of time you can be on a floor before It’s Impossible for guild members and anyone they’re with to show up on your floor ( this Is dubbed the “guild timer” by players ). Logging off will pause the timer but Pokémon will begin to move If you logged off while still In the “blinking” state. Shiny selling can be risky so be careful.

Other Items to Sell image

While I’ve gone over getting yourself some of the main Items In demand there’s plenty more things to collect and sell.

  • Tight Belt - Stops belly consumption from movement ( It doesn’t work In walls ). I’d say Tight Belts go for 300000-500000— It’s hard to say since rarely anyone sells them due to their rarity.
  • Miracle Chest - An Item that boosts Experience gained by 20% when held by any member In your team. Sought out by basically everyone as leveling Is Important. 100000-250000 Poké.
  • Wonder Chest - A lesser Miracle Chest. Boosts Experience gained by 10% when held by any member In your team. It’s not sold much compared to MCs but It’s around 50000-100000 Poké.
  • Golden Mask - Increases your recruit rate by 24% when held by the active Pokémon. This Is an essential Item for shiny hunting and getting certain recruits. 100000-200000 Poké.
  • Amber Tear - Increases your recruit rate by 17% when held by the active Pokémon. It’s a worse Golden Mask, and a new Item that was released after I made this guide. Because most people have a GM already, no one has wanted to buy one exactly. If I had to guess It’d be like < 125000 Poké.
    Exp. All - Allows Experience to be split and shared between your team when held by anyone. 70000-150000 Poké.
  • Silks - Silks are Items that boost two stats of a specific Pokémon type by 20. 50000-70000 Poké or slightly more depending on which silk.
  • TM Blizzard and Earthquake - These are the most expensive TMs right now, going for 40000 or 50000 at most.
  • Heart Slates - Heart Slates are Items fused with a Mystery Part, allowing you to summon and control the Legendary/Mythical of the Heart Slate you fused. Some Heart Slates are much rarer than others. The minimum prices are 50000 usually. A list of slates not really floating around Is Regice, Entei, Suicune, Victini, Lake Guardians, Yveltal, Kyurem, Ho-oh, Lugia, Xerneas.
  • Pokémon recruitment keys - So yeah, people like these for the shiny chances. Depends on the key and desperation, but shinies really raised their value, so about 50000.
  • Silver Keys - Silver Keys open sealed chambers, which exist to contain aforementioned silks. Silver Keys pretty much always go for 5000, 7500, 10000, or 15000.
  • Cosmetic Items - Hoods, crowns, hats, you name It. These Items are Illusions that make you look like a certain Pokémon. It’s mainly the Mythendary disguises people try to get, and prices seriously vary so I won’t put a price range.
  • Doom Seeds - Drops the level of the Pokémon It’s used on by 1. People buy these like candy, so It’s good to stock up on them. About 10000-30000 Poké.
  • Status-Inflicting orbs - Flame Orbs are pretty worthless so I’m talking about the Static Orb, Freeze Orb, and Dreamy Orb. The first two are In the end box of dungeons that give you only 1 box as opposed to the common 2. These go for < 50000 Poké.
    Heart Scales - Heart Scales let you learn egg moves. Not the biggest money maker but they can amount to quite a bit If people pay for each scale.
  • Shards - Shards let you learn USUM tutor moves. You can find them hidden In any dungeon on floor 21 and higher. Farm these and from time to time someone may be buying them. Or you can save up to buy Items at Meesa’s shard shop In Greenport Bazaar. Price-wise, Blue and Red Shards go for 1k per, while Green and Yellow are 500.
  • Sparkle Token - This Item turns whatever Pokémon you use It on shiny. It’s rarely available and hard to get when It Is, but If you can get your hands on one people will pay millions.
  • Ekop Items - Ekop Is a currency for the Tanren Undercity. There’s some shops In the undercity with nice Items.
    • Weather rocks - Gives the player the effect of the weather the rock corresponds to, If the actual weather Is clear ( excluding the Clear Rock ). 50000-70000, but keep In mind Icy, Smooth, Damp, and Heat Rocks can be gotten outside of the TU shop.
    • Choice Items - Choice Band, Specs, and Scarf. Boosts Attack, Special Attack, and Speed by 1.5x respectively when held. These Items are Ideal for training except the Choice Scarf, no one uses that. Whether you can buy the Specs or Band depends on your ID. 50000-100000 Poké.
    • Aether/Skull music Items - These play music ( more Info here ). Unfortunately I’ve never sold or bought these but they’re the most expensive Ekop Items. Worth at least 100000 probably.
  • Scarves - These specific held scarf Items are used often and go for 30000-50000 or so.
    • Mobile Scarf - Allows you to travel on all terrain when held.
    • Trap Scarf - Makes traps not go off when you step on them If held.
    • Trapped Scarf - Ghost-types won’t annoyingly go through everything. They’ll only stay on “ground” tiles. This Is a team Item.
  • Dynamo Sands Items - Its end boxes have some exclusive utility Items. They all are worth about 100000+ Poké more or less.
    • X-Ray Charm - Team wide X-Ray Specs essentially. Good for hunting Items.
    • Treasure Specs - Team wide Frisk. Good for hunting Items.
    • Scavenger Charm - Team wide Pickup.
    • Strong Teeth - Team wide Strong Jaw.
  • Scorched Grasslands Items - This dungeon also has fine items worth selling.
    • Scorched Bandanna - Gives the effect of Flare Boost when held. Dropped by the boss.
    • Nullifying Amulet - Removes the Abilities of your team when held. End box Item.

Those are only the best selling Items presently. You should still try to sell off anything decent ( Eviolite, rareish evolution Items, good but non-super-rare TMs like Scald, Thunderbolt, etc ), people are bound to buy. Like I mentioned In the beginning, you want to sell Items to NPCs too. There’s several valuable Items you can find In dungeons, made specifically to be sold to them, which will be gone Into more In the next section.

Dungeons to Run image

Now that you’re aware of the money making methods, what dungeons should you do exactly?

When running dungeons for Items and such It’s most efficient to use the Mobile Scarf strategy. It consists of using a Pokémon that gets 4x movement speed and a healing move, then having It hold a Mobile Scarf. This allows you to do dungeons quickly. This strat Is commonly used with Altaria, Noivern, and other Pokémon that can get 4x speed In clear weather. Doing this with only 2x speed Is still effective, as Is running 4x speed with a Tight Belt since not everything that gets 4x speed gets a reliable healing move too ( Rest Is not suggested due to the 3 turn wait unless you have Early Bird or Hydration ).

Sky Fortress: One of the few 99 floor dungeons. You’ll need to beat Mt. Stormhold first to access this dungeon. SF has dusts, Silver Keys, Revivers, supplies, evo Items, and Secret Rooms for days. Dusts sell for 2500 to NPCs and players buy them for 5-10k. SF’s Ice path can have Blizzard, arguably the rarest TM right now. Even with the return of *7-9 missions and other dungeons getting their missions rebalanced, people often stack *6 and *8 Sky Fortress missions and do runs there. Having a full list of them adds to the amount of money you can get from a run because most of the time you won’t need the rewards If they’re dusts or evolution Items.
The Garden path Is Sky Fortress’ main point of Interest–Its end box can contain an Amber Tear or Miracle Chest, a duo of top-tier Items. You need to beat the dungeon three times, ending In all three of the different elemental paths and obtaining the orbs from them before you can get there though, so have fun doing that. Also, the Secret Room? It has four boxes.

Mt. Moon: MM used to be my favorite dungeon and Is still a dungeon I like after the revamp. You can set your spawn at Its rest stop and run It with Frisk. You can get Moon Stones, Star Pieces, Comet Shards, Stardusts, Diamonds, Doom Seeds, so many things. The boss Deoxys drops Tight Belts and It’s the ONLY place to get them. Deoxys’ other notable drops are a Comet Shard for more cash or an Exp. All.

Dragon’s Descent: A lategame Dragon-type dungeon you need Dive for, located In Tanren. It has good exp, but the main thing Is the Royal Gems, Its exclusive currency. You can use Royal Gems to get Earthquakes and other Items from Taric’s shop at the entrance. It has good end boxes well known for possible Jaw Fossils.

Tanren Chambers: I mentioned TC before but Fossils aren’t the only thing It has going for It. Most exits contain the relic Items that sell well to NPCs. The Normal 99 path box can have a Miracle Chest and Golden Mask, the non-Normal 99 paths can have a Wonder Chest, and a couple exits can have an Exp. All. TC furthermore has a lot of exclusive Items that people might want, and Is one of the two dungeons that have missions up to *8 and *9.

Dynamo Sands: A great dungeon for training and money. Evolution stones, Diamonds, Nuggets, Honey, and other sellables are found here. The end room and Secret Room boxes have amazing loot. I used to sell the end boxes to people trying to get Gible for 20k per, which net me a lot somehow. Dynamo Sands Is rightfully difficult so take caution. DS has exclusive currency like DD, called Rupi. Gabeedle the Gabite runs a shop at Dynamo’s entrance like Taric. Gabeedle has considerably better Items than him, like Miracle Chests, and a GRISEOUS ORB. I don’t know If people buy that, but It’s there.

Cryptic Chasm: A highly overlooked dungeon for being “annoying” to run even though It’s a breeze If you just use the wik–/shot
Nuggets and evo stones are common here and so are dusts. The end boxes can have Relic Crowns, Mobile Scarves and other evolution Items. Mewtwo can drop a Golden Mask which Is the only other place to get one aside from TC. This dungeon and Dragon’s Descent get Irregularly large Poké pick up numbers near the end of them.

Tanren Mines and Tanren Mines Depths: This dungeon Is well known for having Diamonds on deck. They’re visible In walls and Pokémon In the dungeon drop them. When going to Tanren Mines you will want as much bag space as possible. You can store the Diamonds you got from the first part at the break point and then get more once you go Into the depths, yielding a crap ton of money. People don’t really buy Escape Ropes but they’re best found here and It’s a good Idea to get some. You might find TM Earthquake although I’ve gotten them more often from other places.

Iceberg Frigid Waters: IFW Is okay. Its end box has a decent chance to give you a good sellable. I’m biased and like that there’s Pearl Strings In It ( It’s my favorite valuable Item ). It’s where you get a Key of the Winds, which allows you to get the end box from Iceberg Adrift, where the Freeze Orb, possible TM Blizzard, and other exclusive Items are.

Deep Winden Forest: This might seem like an odd choice, weirdly enough TM Blizzard appears hidden In walls In Deep Winden Forest AND can be dropped by the boss. It still takes effort but I feel this Is a much better way to get Blizzards. Due to there being 3849282 recruits you could find a shiny on the search too. :fwohohoho:

Rocky Shoreline: In 2018, I lived In this dungeon. Even though Its been long nerfed It still has no shortage of things you can profit off of. For this guide, I ran RS for the first time since Its nerf. I got a fair amount of Honey, Reviver Seeds, and some Pearls, all without using Teddiursa.

Seafloor Ruins: Seafloor Ruins Is a dungeon everyone hates, but I actually get 50-60k worth of Pearls/Big Pearls there when I go all the way. SRs there are pretty common and appear on nearly every floor starting from 22, with okay box Items. Central Seafloor Ruins Is undoubtedly hard, and people pay for end boxes there because of that If they want Phione. If you’re able to run something with Frisk there, you can get lucky and find Earthquakes. It’s another dungeon that gets large Poké piles too, past 1000.

If you think you have too many Reviver Seeds/Herbs, people sometimes bulk buy them. For good spots to farm for those that I haven’t already mentioned In this section: Beach Bunker, Sunken Gardens, Scorched Grasslands, Ash Forest, Tanren Graveyard, Crystal Castle.


Thank you for reading my money guide for 2020+.
I appreciate feedback If any as always or additional methods to put here. This may not be helpful yet I thought It’d be fun to make regardless.

Some other probably obvious tips from yours truly:

  • Take opportunities Immediately. If someone Is buying something and you only have one to spare but can get another–sell It now and get another later. In the long run It’s profitable since you’re not leaving the offer open to others and you may feel more Incentive to do X dungeon as opposed to considering trying to get an extra to keep the one you already have, wasting time.
  • Don’t be like me and give out 75% of things for free. Sell things when you can If you’re really trying to make the big bucks.
  • It’s minor so I couldn’t find a place to mention It nor did I want to devote a section to It, but people buy missions occasionally.
  • Even with guidance the most Important thing you need to get that bread Is yourself. Don’t say lazy and keep on working towards the goal. You must have time and commitment.
  • Try setting up a shop In your house using /houseshop tiles. Advertise It and maybe your shop will become known by word of mouth for having Items people fancy. The only downside to house shops Is the one-time payment In Poké equal to half of the price set for the houseshop tile. ( ex: a tile that sells an Item for 5000 will cost 3500 to make )
  • Even If you’re not specifically hunting silks, If you go to a dungeon with a sealed chamber and have some keys on you—just bring one. It’s always nice to have extra silks to sell without particularly aiming for It.
  • Some people have luck buying Items such as Golden Masks for minimal price, and then reselling higher.

Ok, I’ve been workin on this for a day :meltandabdance:


AMAZING guide deleca is PRO :+1:


Pretty useful guide! It’s admirable all the work you did. I could also suggest add some warnings about the dungeons (Example: Tanren Mines sticky and grimy traps are quite common) to make the players prepare for the farming.


Oi, Deleca! This guide is lit! It’s the bomb! It’s groovy! It’s… uh… what are other things that people say nowadays? This is an amazing updated guide for Poké! Great job making this!


That’s a good suggestion. It’s why I linked pages when relevant, so people can look at the Info on the dungeon before going. Still may add that anyway though.

I’m glad you guys like my guide.


I’m shocked at how amazing this guide is, Deleca! This will definitely help me so thank you very much!

Also I love the way you have presented it. It’s so professional and well made I’m at a loss for words on how much of a good job you did. This will be super beneficial to new players and players like myself who are decent leveled but haven’t actually got much money. So thanks again, and keep it up!


Geez thanks lol, that really means a lot :loveampharos: I’m glad to hear It’ll help you and that you think other people will find It useful too. I literally wasn’t expecting people to find It that good, but even though I call It bad I did try hard. Can’t say I’m not proud of myself for putting this together and finishing It :point_right::dark_sunglasses: :point_right:


From my experience both in game and the forum, I haven’t witnessed anything quite as neat and well organised as this guide so please don’t get the impression that you think you did bad, because it’s far, far from it and it shows that you tried your hardest. :pikalul:


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