How to make EASY MONEY


EDIT: Since I’ve been promoted to staff on October 14, 2015, some may claim this may not be valid. All of this was done when I was still a player. No controversy necessary.

[^ not serious btw]

Table of Contents

Starting Out
Late Game
SF and DD
Merchanting Tips


Hi, I’m Nuxl, and this is a guide to obtain quick and easy cash. I’ve been playing PMU since July 2012, quit after the rollback, and picked it up again starting November of last year where I’ve pretty much completed most of my goals for this game. I wrote this guide to help people starting out with money issues, as well as to aid high leveled players to secure thrones on the market.

Firstly, I would like to put this here for those of you who don’t think I’m serious-
[spoilerprepare yourselves:23y96wk3]

Obtained within legit means, no hacks.

So how did I obtain this much money?
Well, I’ll explain it all in this guide.

Starting Out
So, you might be a new player who has just picked their starter, maybe leveled up to about level 20ish and has recruited some team members. You might be lost in this open world, and have no idea where to start.

That’s why I’m here to guide you through, right?

First things first. You know that thing called the Mission Board? Scan any missions that may have rewards like Reviver Seeds or Honey. take them and do them. These two items are in especially high demand and can give you loads of money if sell them. They can even be rewards in dungeons like Pebble Cave or Seaside Cavern, so make sure you check the board often!

Second, take any boxes you might find and pick up anything that “glimmers” on the ground. If you have a ghost type Pokemon or a Mobile Scarf, look in the walls. Boxes can hold revives, family items, or even honey in deluxe boxes in early dungeons, and you can sell family items for fair prices. Anything that glimmers on the ground can sometimes be an item called a shard. There are 4 different types, each with different amounts of demands. usually, people want red and blue the most so sell them for the highest!

Understand that you might have to level a bit before actually getting super rich. My usual training route as a lower level pokemon is to go to Mt. Skylift.
[spoilerentrance to mt. skylift:23y96wk3]

It has loads of exp, so keep training here until you get to level 40! There can also be lots of shards and Reviver Seeds here on the ground, so pick these up and get some starting funds. There’s also secret rooms at higher floors that could have Nuggets or Old Ambers, both very decent, profitable items.


Now you’re climbing up the levels! Maybe if you’ve been getting some shards, Revivers, etc, you should be around the 20k-100k range by now. You still might need to level higher in order to get more cash, but you’re doing good right now.

If you’re around level 35, I would recommend you go to Winden Forest(entrance below) and grab yourself a Teddiursa. Teddiursa is an amazing Pokemon in this game because it has two amazing abilities- Honey Gather and Pickup. Basically, how both of these abilities work is whenever you step onto the next floor with Teddiursa(you have to only do it with Teddiursa, it DOES NOT work if you use another pokemon on your team), it has a chance of finding a random item, or a honey(The chance of this working is level/4, and that’s your percent out of 100. e.g level 28 is 28/4, so it’s 7 out of 100 percent of getting honey/pickup every floor). Train that Teddiursa, and it’ll give you some sweet loot later on. If you evolve it, keep in mind that Ursaring does not get these abilities, so it will not have the chance of finding stuff.
[spoilerEntrance to Winden Forest:23y96wk3]


You know a good place to get Honey is? Why, nothing other than Honeydrop Meadow of course! As well as being a great place to train at low 30s with fire/flying types, it also has high chances of getting honey. What I suggest is getting your Teddiursa that you’ve gotten earlier and run through it until you’ve got suitable honey. Then, sell that honey to make good money.
[spoilerEntrance to Honeydrop Meadow:23y96wk3]


Right now, this is your easiest and most efficient option for money until you get to higher levels. Some good grinding spots are Southern Sea at high 30s, Rustic Savannah at 40s, CI at high 40s, and Snowveil Den at low-high 50s.

There’s a couple more spots I wanted to mention, which are two dungeons in Tanren.

First, we’ve got Reviver Seed haven, Beach Bunker!
[spoilerentrance to Beach Bunker:23y96wk3]

This dungeon has an absurdly high rate of finding Reviver Seeds on each floor. Not much to say, but I would recommend grabbing X-Ray Specs(can be found in PBA, or bought for about 10-15k), and running through with Teddiursa for maximum gain.

The second is Tanren Mines.
[spoilerentrance to Tanren Mines:23y96wk3]

This dungeon has diamonds in the walls, which can be sold to Kecleon for some nice money. Said diamonds are common too, and you should make a couple thousand Poke every run. It’s also not bad for leveling as well.

Late Game

Right now, I’m hoping you’re around level 55-60. You may have also grabbed some cash too. Regardless, around this level your amount of money will be able to increase exponentially around this point. There’s four dungeons in this section, and all of them can provide loads of money.

First up is Mysterious Jungle, the best training spot in the game(imo). At your level, or depending on your typing, this dungeon might be hard to go alone in, but grab a party of 4 if you can and the exp will flow. It is decent with money too, as there are secret rooms that can hold relics, TMs, or some evolution items. At the end of the dungeon, there are two endboxes as well. Mew also has a miniscule chance of dropping a Miracle Chest, a 25% bonus to exp. Miracle Chests are incredibly high in demand, and sell for a lot if you take it to the right person.

[spoilerentrance to Mysterious Jungle:23y96wk3]


The next dungeon we have is Tanren Chambers. I’m not going into much detail here about it, it’s incredibly confusing, but the Tanren Chambers guide can help explain more. Items to note are, every fossil, Exp All, Magmarizer, and Electrizer, all of which sell for great prices. Fossils and Exp Alls can sell for 100k+ each to other players, while the latter two items are varied depending on player interest, but still are very pricey.

[spoilerentrance to Tanren Chambers:23y96wk3]



SF and DD

Both of these dungeons are absolutely insane in terms of end rewards. However, I would recommend being 80+ going to them, and 90+ to comfortably solo.

Sky Fortress is a pretty cool dungeon, in my opinion. You’ll have to beat Mt. Stormhold, then have to pass through SF’s other paths to get each orb before unlocking the true path. Money will land in your inventory so fast it’s not even funny. The (final) boss of this dungeon is Rayquaza, who is very hard in his own right, but grab a pokemon with clear smog and wipe his boosts away, then switch to a high leveled attacker and show him in his place. End Boxes can hold Golden Masks and Miracle Chests, both very high selling items, and Relic Crowns, an item you can sell to Kecleon for 100k. Wow. Missions here are also the best in the game, and rewards can scale up to giving Oval Stones, and dusts. Other paths can give you TMs such as Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam- which can sell for nice prices as well
[spoilerentrance to Sky Fortress:23y96wk3]


Dragon’s Descent is the ultimate end game dungeon, but it’s the quickest to get money in. 70 floors filled with dragons galore, and an endgame boss like Rayquaza that isn’t as hard(again, clear smog is your friend!). Endboxes hold a lot of Relics, and there’s a decent chance of getting them too. Missions here aren’t as good as SF’s, but they’re still decent on their own right. In the depths of this dungeon, there are Focus Blast TMs lying around that can also help.
[spoilerentrance to Dragon"s Descent:23y96wk3]



Merchanting Tips

Some people don’t like leveling. That was me a couple years back, but you can still make a lot of money without getting higher than level 40. I’m going to assume you have a comfortable amount of money to start fresh in, like maybe around 50kish?

People have shops. Go to them- and buy for low, sell for high. If you’re buying, for example, honey, buy it for 1k each. Sell the honey again for 2k each, and you’ve just made a 1k profit on the item itself. It can work with a lot of other items too, just know the current prices and always try to sell higher than what it’s worth for the best profit.

Haggle prices. When a seller asks you to offer, say a lower price than what the current price is. Try to haggle for the best bargain that you can- but if you can’t, I’d just buy it anyway if there’s not a lot of said item going around.

Event tokens can make you easy money. Not as much as it used to, since more and more events have been popping around and more people have gotten things from the shop but you can still get a bunch of money. Never ever use your tokens on anything other than Gems or Globes for the maximum profit. Gems can sell for 500-700k each depending on seller, and Globes, 1 million plus.

Using the shard shop isn’t very efficient, except for Exp. All. That’s the only thing worth getting, in my opinion.

Items to look out for, and merch off of are- Shards, Reviver Seeds, Honey, intermediate evolution stones, family items, and strong TMs like Psychic, Shadow Ball, etc. These are common things sold on Global.

You can sell some items to the Kecleon Shop for high prices.

Star Pieces sell for 5k, Nuggets for 5k, Big Nuggets for 10k, Relic Bronze for 100 poke, Relic Silver for 500 poke, Stardust for 2k, Relic Vase for 30k, Relic Statue for 70k, Relic Band for 50k, and Relic Crowns for 100k.

Here’s a good link for prices.


Well, that’s it, I suppose. Special shoutout to Festivo for giving me the idea to do this guide, you nerd.
Thanks for the grammar checks, Festivo and Cactus.
Thanks for Erlade for a review and tips to outline the guide. Big help.
Most importantly, thanks for reading this, and hopefully this’ll help you with money management!


Such a great job Nux! While I’m not really “new” myself I find this particularly useful, since I’m horrible at making money, lol. This could have helped me a lot a few months back. Still does though.

Thanks for making this! :joy:


This guide is really good, and I feel like it can be a big help. However, the staff team is trying to make a lot of money sinks as well, to reduce the amount of money players have. Keep in mind that the Relic items may or may not be changed to a lower price soon.

As for myself, I think I could do with a bit more money while I can. Might want to buy me that Mystery Egg at an auction someday, hehe.


what about spending event tokens on silver keys.

people can usually buy them for 10k-20k

and they unlock really good items like silks, (something everyone wants.)


not as efficient considering silver keys cost 2 tokens iirc. even then it won’t scale up to gem/globe prices unless you get a silk almost every run which is just pushing RNG’s buttons on this point.

and yeah, thanks for reading this guide guys! i’m hoping it’ll help both new and old players for tips and I’m happy to hear it helped you out


Great guide - me and my friend are getting our Teddiursas now (we’re new)

Thank you for the guide!


yeah! no problem :). i had hoped to help out new players with some of these tips, and I guess I did, haha.

btw, feel free to PM me(when I’m not afk/busy) for any questions


Another easy way if you are really weak is to go to Sunny Hillside and get any item you see . Boxes, orbs, etc and just sell everything. I usually get about 1-2k each time i do this. It is not a lot of money but when you first start out it helps.


well im level 68 and i have around 100k xD i just sell boxes ,collect eggs and turn em into boxes and sell em again.i dont wanna sell revivers i found ono. btw thanks for guide!


umm so wow gr8 guide, liek such an inprashin 2 me
im so pour i hoep that 1 day i cn be so rich and famus liek u???

so liek since i fel liek we maed a conexin with dis thred, culd u pls don8 to ths fund??

Don8 10000344 poke to Char Now!
could safe many babies pls


Sunny Hillside’s great, but it’s not as optimal as Skylift is. It’s only really enough for some supplies- but I just don’t feel it’s worth enough for an entry.

decent strat :). and yes, no problem- my guide’s to help anybody who’s interested in makng a bunch of money.

oh, u.


Tanren Mines has been a great place for making money to me even at high levels. TM EQ can be found in walls on the later floors along with end boxes, which are typically sold for 100K. also inside are the vast amount of diamonds. I like to bring as few supplies as i can and pick up every diamond i see. after 28f is a midpoint with a storage to store all diamonds picked up so that you can start anew on 29f. then just pick up every one i see on the later floors and sell them all when complete. i usually make about 20k per run doing that.


Honestly, everything here is so accurate from the beginning to near the end. There are some things you mentioned that I never did to get money lol, but then again I’m not even that rich anyways. But I feel like no one is willing to buy gems or globes for that much in-game. lol I offered people half of those prices for those same items, and they still thought it was expensive. xD I want to know who the heck you be selling your gems/globes to man.


eh honestly not my thing; since DD can be rushed in less than 30m and give you a really good net gain. good to see that it’s usable though.

summer economy allowed me to sell gems/globes for a lot


That explains it, you were selling stuff when people most desired these items. Gems and Globes are super common now