Is it OK to post a lot of suggestions?

Title says it all

  • Yes
  • No

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A certain didiot has likely made twice as many suggestion threads as you so yes probably. Suggestions are usually the main reason anyone comes here.

But It’s very Important to note what has been suggested before/Is already planned or what Is already ( No-Stick Cap/Frozen Apples/simply bringing a Recycle or Cleanse Orb on runs ) a feature ( In terms of the second one there’s a held orb that Induces sleep ). I’d recommend talking about your suggestion In the In-game chat or Discord first. Some Input beforehand Is nice and you might learn something you didn’t before? Putting multiple suggestions In one thread Is also an option. The forums aren’t as active as you seem to Interpret them to be either; you can always share your threads In the Discord 'tho.