RMS QoL ideas

Won’t comment on how good RMS fits in LLC, but a few QoL ideas for RMS:

  1. Continue to have the 1-20F night active secret room mechanic (it is cool but only tedious when you have to repeat).
  2. Have a new dive spot in the lake behind the LLC entrance which leads to a locked door (opening into RMS).
  3. Locked door can be unlocked using a key which can be a LLC end box (new) or boss drop item. Just give it a practical drop rate.

So at this point one can choose to easily spam RMS during night time without the constant SR hunt, but it also comes at a price of grinding keys earlier or buying them from others.
Lemme know what you think and feel free to share your own ideas!

Really good idea finally an idea that keeps the grind but adds options instead of all the other ideas for pmu about making it easier :loveampharos:



I have some comments in regards to your ideas on RMS from my point of view.

  1. I agree it’s a cool idea, very well made but my only complaint is that it’s only available during the night time. I know that that gives you 4 hours, but I feel like to make it less “tedious”, it should be available both dusk and night. Sometimes it’s just far too much of a drag. Not to mention if it’s dawn, you have to wait a total of 8 hours til it hits night again which is waaaaaay too long for just a fossil Pokemon. (In my opinion!)

  2. This idea would make life easier (and I would possibly be fine with it being accessible during night knowing you can easily find it without the whole secret room search), though at the same time it feels a little bit weird to just place it behind LLC.

  3. I’m not too sure on this. I feel like the grind for fossils is already enough, and personally I wouldn’t want to keep spamming the boss until it drops the key. (Unless it is a 100% drop). However, if the key doesn’t disappear upon using it to gain access to RMS it would probably be a lot better assuming we don’t have the tedious job of finding a Secret Room.

At any rate your ideas are good and could easily weave it into a great idea on RMS. Going over what I said - I think I do like your third idea on the key, if like I said, doesn’t disappear upon use and doesn’t require the grind of a secret room. (and not making the key too rare of a boss drop).
But yes at this moment of time, I don’t like the current way to get into RMS. And don’t get me wrong - I don’t dislike RMS - I think it’s a great idea and works perfectly, it’s just how you get to it that’s a pain.


Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Considering all your points I think we could modify the RMS mechanic a bit, such that:

  • RMS would be accessible and usable at all times via the SR.
  • However, via the key it can only be accessed during the night.

Why is that? For one, this retains the elusive aura and kind of helps with the lore aspect. A secret ancient spring that becomes easier to find when the moon is up (aka at night), however not impossible to find if you go exploring deep (SR hunting, regardless of time).
Secondly, this allows the people who just want to revive a single fossil to do so anytime of the day. Similar grind as current but no deadline! (Just like Tanren Graveyard mimikyus). Meanwhile the more hardcore ones looking to spam (for shinies or something) can skip the SR hunting via the dive spot, but are limited to night.

The location is one of my secondary concerns, however I do feel LLC is conveniently located in a lake in the overworld and a dive spot hiding secrets there sounds pretty exciting.

@ Yours thoughts on the key:
I feel you on the fossil system already being very grindy and full of RNG. At the same time, I see the key as a good opportunity to stir up some life in the PMU Economy. In order for the key to have any impact on the market it’ll need to be:

  • Either a one time use common drop. (Assumption: worth ~10k each)
  • Or, an unlimited use rare drop. (Assumption: worth ~100k each)

Fulfilling one of these criteria will secure its relevancy in the market while giving players the much needed QoL.


the fact that this thread has been made 3 times now by separate people (Red moon spring (at the behest of kirk) + Red Moon Spring) is pretty damning evidence that this is a problem that really should have been taken care of by now

anyway, agree with everything in the thread. most ideas are very similar a lot of solutions i proposed in the thread i made so ill just repost them:

very much like the dive spot idea. sounds cool IMHO


Thanks for sharing those threads, they’re worth going through as well.
The idea of having the “RMS key” item in TC boxes would be pretty nice given there’s so many disappointing items in even high TC exits like Full Heals etc which this could replace (and actually make sense).


I’ll properly read and comment on your previous post in a bit, got a busy day but this one won’t take long.

The idea of the keys being in TC boxes is definitely going to be hit and miss with a lot of people. People who have to suffer the grind for the fossil in TC to begin with most likely will not want to run the same dungeon again to try their chances at getting a key.
However, (this may have been suggested because i am rush reading and commenting hahah), I would, and many others most likely, would only spam TC for the key if it was an unlimited use, while the LLC being a one time use, if this was to happen. Also, we would be taking a gamble that the keys would be sellable but I would be down for that as well.


Ah I think I should have been a bit specific, don’t worry I don’t expect people to farm one time use keys exclusively in TC. That’d drive anyone insane and only add on to the RNG. I was more so considering it to be a place for the key in addition to LLC (boss drop or endbox), in the process replacing those Full Heals everybody dreads.
And again, I don’t mind it being a one time use or permanent item as long as it fulfills one of the criteria I posted earlier.


when suggesting that i pretty much assumed with how much people fossil hunt in tc it would be something available on the ingame market in spades or that there would be a surplus of them (to the point of becoming an easy way to generate a bit of money if you have no interest in fossil reviving) but i can understand that viewpoint also as it is another grind. i certainly would find it frustrating for the game to ask for me to grind something AGAIN
…though sometimes it feels hard to suggest anything for the game without it feeling like im asking for too much unless i preface my suggestions with “dont worry players would have to grind for this” as if grinding=challenge wrt game balance if that makes sense :yawning_face: like, youre forced to grind for silver keys yet you arent even guaranteed a silk and other such things like that

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if anything though RNG can be beneficial to the players cause staff could easily just make a silk box 100% guaranteed but you need to use 10 keys or something which would end up being a lot more keys wasted then getting lucky in 1-9

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