"Wiki Editor" Badge?

Within the badges, there’s one part of the badges that made me raise an eyebrow. We have the PMU Wiki, with users making a Fandom account not connected to the PMU Forums. How would users obtain the “Wiki Editor” on the PMU Forums?

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Good question! Wiki editor badges are generated from making edits to topics that are wikified.

An example of currently wiki’d threads are:
.: Tanren Chambers, a Guide to Everything~ [WIP] :., Controls and Commands Guide, ~PMU Egg Guide~, and A Guide to All Dungeons. If you’d like to request a topic to be wiki’d, let us know!

We may wiki existing posts in #game-discussion:game-guides and in other categories where it feels appropriate to do so, especially for those threads where the original poster isn’t active anymore. New posts in game guides may be automatically wiki’d in the future as well.

In addition, anyone who is trust level 3 will be able to create wiki posts on their own. Trust level 3 is currently disabled while we see how everyone is adjusting to the new platform, however we may enable it in the future! Progress towards the next trust level is still counted regardless of tl3 being disabled.

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Hm… It feels like the PMU Wikia would be stunted with these Wiki Threads. On the other hand, these threads would help eliminate unneeded pages that have built up on the Game Guides and Community Pages. I’m mostly concerned with how cluttered some of the larger threads would be, especially with A Guide to All Dungeons being a jumbled mess and having too many ideas to put down. There may need to be decisions on what threads would be necessary to have on this forum and what could be better presented on the PMU Wikia itself.

I’ll await to see how this works though. It’s still early in development, so maybe there’s some changes that could be made to the system to be more viewer-friendly for those larger threads.

I agree with your concerns. I don’t think our intention with wiki’d topics is to replace the PMU Wikia but to supplement it – for sure! Part of that being done by deferring certain guides away from it as you mentioned.

As far as replacements go, we could make use of something like MediaWiki and import the content from wikia. The only reason we haven’t done that is because of the technical costs associated (additional server resource usage and maintaining data integrity, ie regular backups, with at least one copy kept off-shore) – but it is an option