Organizing le Storage

Is your storage so cluttered than you can almost never find important items? Well, same here! Ha! But it can get frustrating at times – you can spend more time than you should just trying to find items in a cluttered storage. It can also sometimes be even frustrating to try to find items in storage.

So I had an idea that if you press the o button while looking at the storage, a message would appear saying, “Do you want to sort the items?” And of course, there would be an option of yes or no, and then there would be options like, “By rarity” or “By ABC order” or even, “By type” (As in by seeds, by escape orbs/ropes, weather orbs, random orbs :sweat_smile: :laughing:, with each item type in ABC order) and of course, “Cancel”. This would be able to save a lot of time, and if you don’t think that it is a good idea, maybe sleep on it?

And I dunno if this is going to be to much work, but that is for your choice. Please say if you think this will be to much work but you think it is a good idea, if you think it will be to much work and it is a bad idea anyways, if it is a good idea and you will be able to do it, or if it is a bad idea. And if you think that this is an awesome idea and you’re not a staff, just give it a vote! :joy: :sweat_smile: :rofl:

I’ve played the first 3 PMD’s and storage was auto sorted. There’s search, but you can spend time typing in letters and seeing the names. This is why i wished non holdable items would stack. So that we can see total amounts we have. But i doubt they would do any changes to storage.

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This was suggested multiple times in the past. Many many times. We still want an answer.

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Seriously though, from what I know, storage organization is extremely difficult due to the coding organization itself.

The code itself would be fine, since items have their own IDs and the like. You would have to just assign each individual item a type. For rarity, I feel that’s more of a Family Item thing, and it could easily be sorted by star count. And ABC order? It just needs to read the item name and it’s fine.

But finding the storage code and adapting it? Yeah, that’s the difficult part. Personally, I haven’t read the PMU Code closely (and to be honest, I don’t want to read it closely because I hear it’s all over the place). Storage is “hard-coded”, meaning that you can only fix it by going to the base of the code, which is difficult since there is little to no comments on the code itself telling where to go to edit these parameters.

But I don’t know the whole story since I’m not a staff. :/ I can only give my interpretation of why it would take a long time.

So basically you think that this is a good idea (I guessed, you didn’t specify xD) , but it will be hard? And apparently on the Many, many times link, lots of people agreed so, …?

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Yes, I do this is a good idea. A lot of people do. And yes, it would be hard.

Edit: I’ve been proven wrong about it being difficult. Someone of another fangame (Blaze) using PMU’s engine programmed sorting and ordering in 30 minutes or less for the assembly and storage. They’re either a programming genius or PMU Staff needs more coders like them that understand PMU’s code and change it.